Champion Revision Study Plan for GATE Civil Engineering 2022 Part - 1 for Complete GATE Syllabus

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : January 27th, 2022

BYJU'S Exam Prep is sharing the most awaited GATE 2022 Champion Revision Study Plan for all the aspiring candidates for complete Civil engineering examination revision. This article comprises the detailed GATE 2022 Revision schedule, each subject of the Civil engineering Syllabus as per the GATE 2022. The following detailed schedule helps to prepare all topics of GATE 2022 that a student would require while revision like subject notes, quizzes and articlesYoutube sessions, App sessions for each Civil engineering subject.

BYJU'S Exam Prep has started this 'Revision Study Plan' to cover all the important topics and high weightage subjects for the syllabus completion. This study plan will be helpful to all the candidates preparing for GATE 2022 as it will cater for every preparation requirement and provide an extra shine to your preparation strategy.

Table of Content

Special Features of Revision Study Plan 

  • Recorded online lectures by India's ESE & GATE-qualified top faculties.
  • Lectures will be focused on the latest patterns and trends. 
  • Coverage of all important concepts from the perspective of the GATE 2022 Exam.
  • Systematic sequence and structured curriculum for revision
  • Ease of access to study anytime, anywhere on the go.

Highlights of GATE Champion Revision Study Plan 2022

GATE Champion Revision study Plan for Civil covers the complete preparation required for the exam. The GATE 2022 Champion revision study plan contains the following essentials :

      • Daily Notes: Study Notes are posted for a single topic per the scheduled plan.
      • Important requirements such as Formulas, Important Topics, Weightage Analysis, etc.
      • Formula Notes: are posted after the completion of the subject.
      • Daily Quiz: Daily one quiz is posted for the scheduled topic of the same day.
      • Subject Revision Quiz: The subject Revision Quiz is posted after completing every subject.
      • National Champion Quiz: National Champion Quiz will be posted after completing every two subjects.
      • Semi-Syllabus Quiz: One Semi-Syllabus Quiz is posted after the half syllabus completion.
      • Full-Syllabus Quiz: Full-Syllabus Quiz is posted after completing the complete syllabus of the subject.

GATE 2022 Champion Revision Study Plan Schedule for Civil Engineering (CE) 

The complete schedule for the GATE Champion revision study plan for GATE CE 2022 is shared below. Kindly click on links for quizzes, study notes, YT & App classes etc.



Launch Session
 Important Articles
Precipitation, Evaporation, and Evaporation
Infiltration and Runoff
Hydrographs and its Analysis
Flood estimation and Routing
Reservoir and Channel Routing
Types of irrigation systems
Water Requirement of Crops
Lacey, Kennedy and Design of Lined and Unlined Canal
Designs and Construction of Gravity dams
Subject Revision


Important Articles 
Fluid Properties
Manometry and Buoyancy
Hydrostatic Forces on Surface
Fluid Kinematics
Fluid Dynamics and Flow Measurements
Control-Volume Analysis & Laminar Flow
Flow-through Pipes & Boundary Layer Theory
Turbulent Flow
Pumps and Turbines
Open Channel Flow
Dimensional Analysis
Subject Revision
GATE 2022: National Champion Quiz-1 


 Important Articles
Metal's Property, Stress and Strain
Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
Bending Theory
Shear Stress
Combined Stress & Torsion
Principal Stress and Principal Strain
Springs, Columns, Shear Centre and Pressure Vessels
Deflection of Beam
Subject Revision


 Important Articles
Steel and Other Materials
Types of Construction Projects
Network Analysis - CPM
Network Analysis - PERT
Crashing of Networks
GATE 2022: National Champion Quiz-2


Important Articles
Determinacy and Indeterminacy
Force Methods/Flexibility Method
Slope-Deflection Method
Moment Distribution Method
Analysis of Trusses
Matrix Method 
Influence Line Diagram
Subject Revision

GATE CE 2022: Champion Study Plan Part 1

GATE CE 2022: Champion Study Plan Part 2

Note: We will also publish Formula Notes, Previous year Weightage Analysis, Best books during the schedule of each subject.

BYJU’S Exam Prep is the only platform that provides a complete study plan and schedule for GATE aspirants to follow till the GATE exam. BYJU’S Exam Prep's GATE CE 2022 Test Series is also available for effective preparation which will help you to practice the questions along with the GATE Champion Study Plan. 




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  • The Champion revision plan for GATE CE 2022 consists of all the things which a student would require like subject notes, quizzes and articles, Youtube sessions, App sessions for each subject of mechanical engineering.

  • This plan can help you with the GATE 2022 revision strategy for CE but we can not assure you success in the GATE 2022 exam through the plan as it is a long process.

  • IIT Kharagpur will conduct GATE 2022.

  • There is no limit to attempts defined by the officials.

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