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GATE (CE) 2022 : Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Quiz #11

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Question 1

What flow rate in m3/s is needed using 20 : 1 scale model of a dam over which 4m3/s of water flows?

Question 2

A spillway of a dam project is studies by a model constructed to a scale of 1:The prototype discharge is 1000 m3/s. The required flow rate for the model will be? Neglect the viscous and surface tension effects. Report answer in cumecs upto 3 decimal places.

Question 3

A river model is constructed to a horizontal scale of 1 : 1000 and a vertical scale of 1 : 10. A model discharge of 0.1 m3/sec would correspond to a discharge in the proto type, of what magnitude?

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

A 1 : 6 scale model of a passenger car is tested in a wind tunnel. The prototype velocity is 60 km/hr. The model drag is 250N. The air in the model and prototype can be assumed to have the same properties.

Which of the following statements are true.

Question 5

There is a 1: 30 scale model of a submarine which has to undergo a drag test in a wind tunnel when it is operating in ocean at 15 km/hr. The kinematic viscosity of air is 1 .51 × 10–5 m2/s and for water 1.02 × 10–6 m2/sec. What is the velocity of air (in m/s) in wind tunnel that should be maintained for kinematic similarity?

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following are dimensionless quantities?
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