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GATE CE 2022: Civil Champion Quiz- Hydrology-Irrigation, FM and SOM and Building Materials

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Question 1

In a watershed, four raingauges, I, II, III & IV are installed. The depth of normal annual rainfall at these stations are 60,75, 80 & 100 cm. respectively. The rain gauge at station III went out of order during a particular year. The rainfall recorded at the remaining three stations was 90, 60, 70 cm respectively. The rainfall at station III can be considered as.

Question 2

For a culturable command area of 1000 hectares with intensity of irrigation of 70% ,the duty on field for a certain crop is 1500hectare/cumec.What is the discharge(cumec) required at head of water course with 25% losses of water?

Question 3

A sluice gate used to control the flow in a horizontal channel of unit width is shown in the figure.
It is observed that the depth of flow is 1.0 m upstream of the gate, while the depth is 0.2 m
downstream of the gate. Assuming a smooth flow transition across the sluice gate, i.e., without any energy loss, and the acceleration due to gravity as 10 m/s2, the discharge (in
, up to two decimal places) passing under the sluice gate is_______

Question 4

The head over a V – notch at the end of a channel is 75cm If an error of 0.15cm is possible in the measurement of the head then percentage error in computing discharge is _______.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Figure below shows a rigid bar hinged at A are supported in a horizontal by the vertical identical steel wires. Neglect the weight of the beam

Which of the following statements are correct?

Question 6

Arrange the following Bogue’s compound in their decreasing order of Rate of hydration.

1) C3S

2) C2S

3) C4AF

4) C3A

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