Best books for Structural Analysis

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Structural Analysis is the Civil engineering subject that forms the structural base of candidates. This subject quite frequently appears in competitive exams such as GATE 2022, BARC, and ESE. Hence candidates should strive to build their concepts and keep revising the basics for all upcoming exams.

We have listed below all the important books on Structural Analysis for your GATE CE exam preparation. These books are useful for the preparation of various upcoming exams like GATE Civil/ IES/ BARC/ ISRO/ SSC-JE/ State Engineering Services examinations and other important upcoming competitive exams.

Here are some of the Best books for Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis by R. C. Hibbeler


  • The book explains the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components. This can be determined by conducting tests on the actual structure or a physical model of the structure to some scale. Using a logical and systematic method of explaining, the author details concepts like Types of Structures and Loads, Analysis of Statically Determinate Structures, Cables and Arches, Influence lines for Statistically Determinate Structures, Deflections, Displacement Method of Analysis: Moment Distribution, and Plane Frame Analysis Using the Stiffness Method.
  • The book has included more than a hundred photos to illustrate the solutions of realistic applications. More than 40% of the problems in the book are either new or revised which makes it ideal for students preparing for the GATE and ESE exams.
  • Structural Analysis provides extensive coverage of the matrix stiffness method, and illustrations of realistic engineering situations are given to show the necessary geometric relations and loads 

Intermediate Structural Analysis by Chu-Kia Wang


  • Intermediate Structural Analysis (1st Edition) is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Civil Engineering.
  • The book comprises chapters on the force method and displacement method, the three-moment equation, the slope-deflection method, matrix operations, and the effects of shear deformations.
  • In addition, the book consists of several end-of-chapter problems and worked-out examples to help understand the concepts better.
  • This book is essential for civil engineers preparing for competitive examinations like GATE and IES.

Advanced Structural Analysis by Devdas Menon


  • This book is an extension of the author’s basic book on Structural Analysis.
  • The initial three chapters review the basic concepts in structural analysis and matrix algebra and show how the latter provides an excellent mathematical framework for the former.
  • Excellent concept of Flexibility and Stiffness matrix.

Basic Structural Analysis by CS Reddy


  • This book includes basic principles of classical and matrix structural analysis.
  • It provides a smooth transition from the classical approaches that are based on the physical behaviour of structures in terms of their deflected shapes to a formal treatment of a general class of structures by means of matrix formulation in order to understand how the structural problems can be formulated in order to make them suitable for computer programming. 

Structural Analysis – A Matrix Approach by Pandit & Gupta


  • It has been written in a clear lucid style that presents the complex concepts of matrix analysis in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • The book is unique in the sense as the matrix approach has been discussed with many structural engineering numerical examples.
  • The authors have put in great effort to bring this world-class edition discussing the matrix approach in structural analysis in a lucid manner.

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