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Question 1

During the receding of a flood event the prism storage and  it is the volume that would exist if the uniform flow occurred at the downstream depth. i.e., the volume formed by an imaginary plane parallel to the channel bottom drawn at the outflow section water surface.

Question 2

A wide channel is 1m deep and has a velocity of flow, V, as 2.13 m/s. If a disturbance is caused, an elementary wave can travel upstream with a velocity of

Question 3

The flood is to be routed through a river reach using muskingham method of flood routing. The muskingham constant K is 36hr and weightage factor x is 0.10.The time interval taken to calculate inflow is 12hr. What is the value of muskingham routing coefficient , C2 (upto four decimal place) ?

Question 4

A steep wide rectangular channel takes off from a reservoir having an elevation of 101.2 m. At the entrance, the bottom elevation of the channel is 100 m. If the slope of the channel is increased by 4%, the discharge per unit length in the channel will be

Question 5

The plan area of a reservoir is 1 km2. The water level in the reservoir is observed to decline by20 cm in a certain period. During this period the reservoir receives a surface inflow of 10 hectare–meters, and 20 hectare–meters are abstracted from the reservoir for irrigation and power. The pan evaporation and rainfall recorded during the same period at a near by meteorological station are 12 cm and 3 cm respectively. The calibrated pan factor is 0.7. The seepage loss from the reservoir during this period in hectare–meters is

Question 6

For the following flood routing data, what is the attenuation (roundoff to nearest integer)? Consider muskingham constants C0=0.06, C1=0.511.Take outflow discharge at t=0 as 20 m3/sec.

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