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GATE CE 2022: Structural Analysis Quiz#5

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Question 1

On analysis of a steel truss due to certain loading, the internal forces are found as shown below. The cross-sectional area of all the members of the truss was 100mm2.

If the cross sectional area of member BC was increased to 1000mm2, find the internal force in member BC.

Question 2

Find the number of zero force members in the given truss, if an external load P is applied at B.

Question 3

The member forces in the member marked P, Q and R for the truss as shown below, are (respectively)

Question 4

A 2D truss, with the applied loads s shown below in the figure. If AE = 40 kN, where A is cross section area and E is modulus of elasticity, then the strain energy (in kN-m) in the member XY is

Question 5

Determine the horizontal displacement (in mm) at B due to a variation of temperature from 20oC to 40 oC. ( Take α = 10 x 10 -6 / oC )

Question 6

A simply supported truss shown in the given figure carries a load as shown. The force in member BE is?

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