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Question 1

The uplift force on a dam having water depth of 65m at upstream and 5m at downstream and base width of 30m with no infiltration gallery provided will be _______kN. [Take Yw = 9.81 KN/m3]

Question 2

What is the maximum vertical stress(N/m^2) acting on a dam If sum of the net vertical force per unit length is 10500N/m Width of the dam is 60m, eccentricity is 15m.

Question 3

A drop spillway is subjected to horizontal and vertical forces of 40.8 kN and 36.5 kN respectively. The area of plane of sliding is 10m2. Angle friction and cohesive resistance of foundation material are 25 ° and 4.9 kPa respectively. The factor of safety against sliding is? Assume tan 25°= 0.47

Question 4

A weir on a permeable foundation with downstream sheet pile of the depth 8 m. The height of weir is 10 m, the height of water is 8.6 m and length of floor is 10 m. The exit gradient as per Khosla's method is

Question 5

The base width of a solid gravity dam is 25 m. the material of the dam has a specific gravity of 2.56 and the dam is designed as an elementary profile ignoring uplift. What is the approximate allowable height of the dam?

Question 6

A gravity dam may fail by

(i) Overturning about the toe

(ii) Overturning about the heel

(iii) Crushing at the heel

(iv) Tension cracks at the heel

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