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GATE CE 2022: Building Materials & Construction Management Quiz#7

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Question 1

In the time-cost optimization, using CPM method for network analysis, the crashing of the activities along the critical path is done starting with activity having

Question 2

The normal duration and normal cost of an activity are 10 days and Rs. 350 respectively. The cost slope is Rs. 75/day. If the crash duration is 8 days, then what is the crash cost of the activity.

Question 3

The direct costs of the three activities along with their duration are given. Activities are completed in the sequence of A then B and then C. Then the minimum possible direct cost for the duration of 21 days will be

Question 4

When a project is crashed for a optimum duration
1) Direct cost is increased.
2) Indirect cost is increased.
3) Direct cost is decreased.
4) Indirect cost is decreased.

Question 5

The normal duration and normal cost of activity are 27 days and Rs 55,000, respectively. The activity crash duration is 23 days, and the indirect cost is Rs 1000 per day. If the cost slope is 1700 rupees per days, then the total cost after crashing of the activity will be-

Question 6

Three activities A, B and C in series have been estimated to incur direct costs in rupees (DC) for activity durations in days (D) as indicated. What is the minimum total cost of the whole set of activities for a total duration of 28 days without considering overhead costs?

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