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GATE CE 2022: Building Materials & Construction Management Quiz#2

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

What are the factors affecting workability of concrete

Question 2

Which following is not the method of volumetric proportioning of concrete?

Question 3

Statement (I): Concrete of desired strength can be achieved by weight-batching method.
Statement (II): Volume-batching method does not take into account bulking of aggregates, hence concrete of desired strength cannot be achieved by volume-batching.

Question 4

Consider the following statements related to ‘non ­destructive testing’ of concrete:
1) Indentation test is used to assess the quality of concrete.
2) Resonant Frequency Method is based on a laboratory test.
3) Compressive strength of concrete is estimated through Pulse Velocity Measurement.
4) Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity is determined by a Sonometer Test.
5) Thickness of concrete can be estimated by in-situ Rebound Hammer Test.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 5

Development of strength of four Bogue’s compounds of cement with Age of concrete is shown below:

Which of the following is correctly matched:

Question 6

Consider the following particulars in respect of a concrete mix design –

What shall be the wight of the coarse aggregate

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