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GATE (CE) 2022 : Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Quiz #7

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Question 1

Consider a laminar flow at zero incidence over a flat plate. The shear stress at the wall is denoted by . The axial positions x1 and x2 on the plate are measured from the leading edge in the direction of flow. If x2>x1, then

Question 2

The viscous laminar flow of air over a flat plate results in the formation of a boundary layer. The boundary layer thickness at the end of the plate of length L is When the plate length is increased to twice its original length, the percentage change in laminar boundary layer thickness at the end of the plate (with respect to ) is (correct to two decimal places).

Question 3

A smooth flat plate with a sharp leading edge is placed along a gas stream flowing at U=10 m/s. The thickness of the boundary layer at section r-s=10 mm, the breadth of the plate is 1m (onto the paper) and the density of the gas . Assume that the boundary layer is thin, two dimensional, and follows a linear velocity distribution, at the section r-s, where y is the height from plate.
The integrated drag force (in N) on the plate, between point p & s is:

Question 4

At a sudden expansion of a water pipeline from a diameter of 0.24 m to 0.48 m, the HGL rises by 10 mm, calculate the discharge.

Question 5

A 250 m long and 0.2 m diameter pipe inclined 15 with horizontal through which a lubricating oil (sp. gr. = 0.85, dynamic viscosity = 0.15 N-s/m2) is pumped at the rate of 0.05 m3/s in the upward direction. The pressure drop in the pipe is

Question 6

A 0.05m diameter m horizontal pipe is connected to a reservoir and runs 8 m, then expands into 0.1m diameter abruptly and runs 45m and discharges directly into open air at a velocity of 1.5m/s. If the friction factor for both the pipes is 0.026, the head in the reservoir necessary to maintain this flow is_________m
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