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GATE (CE) 2023 SUBJECT REVISION QUIZ : Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

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Question 1

The range for coefficient of discharge for a Venturimeter is

Question 2

In conservation of mass in fluid flow, if dm / dt = 0, then the fluid flow results:

Question 3

Water (p = 1000 kg/m3) flows horizontally through a nozzle into the atmosphere under the conditions given below. (assume steady state flow).

At inlet: A1 = 10–3m2; V1 = 2m/sec; P1 = 3 × 105 Pa (gauge)
At outlet: A1 = 10–4 m2; P2 = Patm
Determine the external horizontal force needed to keep the nozzle in place.

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

Which of following is correct regarding Euler Number______?

Question 5

For laminar flow at a point A, 2 m from the leading edge, boundary layer thickness is 3mm; another point B has a Boundary layer thickness 4 mm in the same viscous flow. The distance between the two points is _______ m.

Question 6

Consider the following image and match the following

Question 7

A lawn sprinkler has 0.6 cm diameter nozzle at the end of the rotating arm and discharges water at the rate of 10m/sec velocity. Determine the torque required to hold the rotating arm stationary

Question 8

A spillway model have scale ratio of 1:30 having discharge of 1.5m3/sec, what is the corresponding prototype discharge (in m3/sec) If a flood phenomenon takes 10 hours to occur in the prototype, how long (in/sec) should it take in the model?

1. The prototype discharge is Qp = 7394.254 m3/sec.

2. Time required in model is Tm =6572.67 sec.

Which of the following statement is/are correct?

Question 9

0.03 liters of a liquid (specific gravity 0.9) flow in 30 seconds through a pipe 0.3m long and 1.5mm diameter emerging from the bottom of a tank holding the liquid maintained at a constant level 0.4m above the outlet end of the pipe discharging freely. Compute the dynamic viscosity of the liquid.

Question 10

An unsteady velocity field is given by

The acceleration at point (5,3) at time t = 2 units is

Question 11

The maximum possible blade efficiency of a single stage impulse turbine is 80% and velocity coefficient of blade is 0.85. If inlet and outlet blade angles of turbine are 30 ° and 40 ° then the nozzle angle (in degree) will be:

Question 12

A block of dimension 50cm*30cm*20cm of 120N weight is to move on an inclined plane with uniform velocity of 1m/s. The coefficient of friction between the block and the surface is 0.A force F is to be applied in the horizontal direction a shown in the figure. If 0.5mm thick oil film of viscosity 0.012 Pa.s is introduced between the block and surface. The percentage reduction in the required force is

Question 13

The arrangement shown in the figure measures the velocity V of a gas of density 1 kg/m3 flowing through a pipe. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s2. If the manometric fluid is water (density 1000 kg/m3) and the velocity V is 20 m/s, the differential head h (in mm) between the two arms of the manometer is _____

Question 14

Consider a fully developed steady laminar flow of an incompressible fluid with viscosity μ through a circular pipe of radius R. Given that the velocity at a radial location of R/2 from the centerline of the pipe is U1, the shear stress at the wall is KμU1/r where K is___

Question 15

Consider a laminar flow over a flat plate of length L= 1 m. The boundary layer thickness at the end of the plate is for water and for air for the same free stream velocity. If the kinematic viscosities of water and air are and respectively, the numerical value of the ratio, is
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