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Question 1

Group I
P Rainfall intensity
Q Rainfall excess
R Rainfall Averaging
S Mass curve
Group II
1) Isohyets
2) Cumulative rainfall
3) Hyetograph
4) Direct runoff hydrograph
Match Group I with Group II and select from the correct option from the codes given below

Question 2

If Qs4 and Qs6 are the equilibrium discharges of S- curve for the catchment obtained by 4 hour UH summation and 6 hour UH summation, respectively, then Qs4/Qs6 is __________. (Up to 2 decimal places)

Question 3

For a fully developed flow of water in a pipe having diameter 10cm, with velocity 0.2m/s and kinematic viscosity /s. the value of darcy friction factor______

Question 4

If a bridge is designed for a 50 year flood, then the probability (round off to two decimal digits) that only one flood of the design capacity or higher will occur in the 75 years life of the bridge is …………..

Question 5

Match List I with List-II and select the correct answer.

Question 6

The velocity distribution in a boundary layer is given by  where u = velocity of fluid at vertical distance y from surface of plate, δ: boundary layer thickness at x from beading of edge of plate.

The shape factor will be

Question 7

A town with a population of 150000 people is supplied with water through a pipeline from a reservoir 100 km away. Water is consumed by the population at the rate of 130 litre/person/day. The supply is continuous. Considering only the friction loss, find the suitable size of the pipeline. The difference of levels between the reservoir water surface and center line of the pipeline at the town end is 45 m. Take friction factor: f = 0.04.

Question 8

In a two-dimensional field the velocity of fluid flow is given by. For an incompressible flow, the value of C is:

Question 9

A short reach of a 2 m wide rectangular open channel has its bed level rising in the direction of flow at a slope of 1 in 10000. It carries a discharge of 4 m3/s and its Manning’s roughness coefficient is 0.01 . The flow in this reach is gradually varying. At a certain section in this reach, the depth of flow was measured as 0.5 m. The rate of change of the after depth with distance, dy/dx, at this section is ____ (use g = 10 m/s2).

Question 10Multiple Correct Options

Consider the following statements regarding the forced vortex flow and choose the correct statements:

Question 11

The field capacity of a soil for the following data is ________%.
Root zone depth = 2 m
Existing water content = 5%
Dry density of soil = 15 kN/m3
Water applied to the soil = 500 m3
Water lost due to evaporation and deep percolation = 10%
Area of plot = 1000 m2

Question 12

For steady state flow to a fully penetrating well in a confined aquifer, the drawdown at radial distances 1.56m and 1.80m from the well have been measured as 4.92m and 5.45m respectively, for a pumping rate of 36 cumec. The transmissivity (m2/s) of the aquifer is equal to _______ .
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