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GATE (CE) 2022 : Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Quiz #8

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Question 1

Which of the following are correctly matched:

  1. Turbulent flow = Moment Integral equation
  2. Laminar flow = Hagen Poiseuille equation

Question 2

What is the value of friction factor, if the diameter of pipe is 100 cm and roughness height is 0.25 cm?

Question 3

Water of mass density 1000 kg/m3 is transported using a pipe of diameter 40 cm. Flow in the pipe is turbulent. If the flow velocity at the centre and that at a 5 cm distance from centre of pipe are 5 m/s and 4 m/s respectively, then the value of wall shear stress (in Pa) will be

Question 4

A 30 cm diameter pipe conveys water in turbulent flow regime. The friction factor has been estimated as 0.02 for this flow. If the centre line velocity is 3.57 m/s. The discharge (in m3/s) is

Question 5

The distance from the pipe wall at which the local velocity is equal to the average velocity for turbulent flow in pipes is given by kR,where R is the radius of the pipe.The value of k will be…(correct to 3 decimal places)

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

A plate of 0.15 m wide and 0.45 m long placed longitudinally in a stream of oil having a free stream velocity of 6 m/sec. Specific Gravity of oil = 0.925 and kinematic viscosity, v = 0.9 × 10-4 m2/sec. Then which of the following statements is /are correct?
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