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Question 1

An unlined canal is designed for a discharge of 12 m3/s. If the silt factor is 1 and the width of canal is 10 m, then the scour depth as per Lacey's formula is _________m.

Question 2

Wetted perimeter of a regime channel for a discharge of 64 cumecs as per Lacey's theory will be___m.

Question 3

A canal irrigates a portion of a culturable command area to grow sugarcane and wheat. The average discharges required to grow sugarcane and wheat are, respectively, 0.36 and .27 cumes. The time factor is 0.9. the required design capacity of the canel is

Question 4

A lined irrigation canal with trapezoidal cross section with curved corners has 5 m bed width, 2.5 m depth and 1.5(H): 1(V) side slope, longitudinal bed slope of the canal is 1 in 1000 and Manning's n = 0.016. If the crop has 150 mm field irrigation requirement in a KOR period of 10 days, then area of land the canal can irrigate is _______ km2.

Question 5

Water is flowing in a canal of width 5m at a rate of 20 cumec . Average diameter of the particles of the medium through which water is flowing is 0.53mm.

What is the Lacy scour depth of the canal?

Question 6

The channel section can be designed on the basis of Lacey’s Theory. The steps are mentioned below:
1). Finding out the perimeter
2). Finding out the velocity
3). Calculation of the silt factor
4). Finding out the area
What is the correct sequence of the steps?

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