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Question 1

An isolated 4-hour storm occurred over a catchment as follows

The φ index for the catchment is l0mm/h. The estimated runoff depth from the catchment due to the above storm is_____mm.

Question 2

The equilibrium discharge (in cumecs) of the S-curve derived from a 4-h unit hydrograph for this catchment, having an area of 360 km2, is

Question 3

For a 6 hours duration storm, the ordinates for a flood hydrograph are given below:

Find the direct runoff depth (in cm), if the catchment area is 300 km2.
[Assume base flow = 5 m3/s]

Question 4

An effective rainfall of 2-hour duration produced a flood hydrograph peak of 200 m3/s. The flood hydrograph has a base flow of 20 m3/s. If the spatial average rainfall in the watershed for the duration of storm is 2 cm and the average loss rate is 0.4 cm/hour, the peak of 2-hour unit hydrograph (in, up to one decimal place) is_________

Question 5

A 596 km2 catchment has a 12 hour unit hydrograph which can be

approximated as a triangle and its time base is 144 hours, the peak ordinate of the unit hydrograph is

Question 6

The peak discharge of a 4-hr unit hydrograph, triangular in shape, for a basin of 108 km2, is 20 cumecs. The time base (in hrs)of this hydrograph is
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