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GATE CE 2022: Building Materials & Construction Management Quiz#1

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Question 1

The main role of dicalcium silicate in cement is -

Question 2

The compound which is largely responsible for initial setting and early strength gain of Ordinary Portland Cement is

Question 3

Which of the following statement about cement is correct?

1) Alumina in cement makes the manufacturing of cement economical

2) Lime in excess causes the concrete to disintegrate.

3) Silica increase the settling time of cement

Question 4

For batching 1:2:4 concrete mix by volume the ingredients required for 100 kg of cement are

Question 5

If 1500 g of cement is required to have 1875 g cement paste of normal consistency, the percentage of water in the cement paste is _____.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following properties of cement is/are correct about the product of hydration and their influence (more than one answer may be correct)
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