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GATE CE 2022: Structural Analysis Quiz#2

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Question 1

A bar of 20 mm diameter and 2 m long is subjected to a force of 15 kN, at diametrically opposite points, at midpoint of its length. If E = 2 x 105 N/mm2 and = 0.25 than the elongation of bar, using Betti’s theorem, is

Question 2

Determine the value of unknown rotation, θA in radian form the following systemof forces and displacements.

Question 3

Find the vertical deflection at C of a rigid cantilever beam as shown below. Assume EI as constant.

Question 4

A portal frame shown in figure (not drawn to scale) has a hinge support at joint P and a roller support at joint R. A point load of 50 kN is acting at joint R in the horizontal direction. The flexural rigidity. EI, of each member is 106 kNm2. Under the applied load, the horizontal displacement (in mm, round off to 1 decimal place) of joint R would be __________

Question 5

A horizontal beam ABC is loaded as shown in the figure below. The distance of the point of contraflexure from end A (in m) is _________.

Question 6

Find the horizontal thrust for the frame at A.
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