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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

Quick setting phenomenon in cement is due to-

Question 2

Consider following statements

1. A dummy activity does not need any resource for its completion

2. A network can have more than one start event.

3. An activity can not begin until as preceding connected activities are completed

4. Concurrent activities are mutually independent independent and can occur simultaneously

Incorrect statement(S) is/are

Question 3

f the maximum shear stress in a section is 80 N/mm2, then the strain energy per unit volume is __________ kN-mm.
[Take G = 70 GPa]

Question 4

The Poisson ratio of a material is zero. The ratio of bulk modulus to modulus of rigidity is

Question 5

A small project consists of 3 activities P, Q and R to be executed in that sequence. The relationship between time duration (in ‘Units of time -T) and corresponding total direct cost (C units) for each of the activities, for alternate mutually exclusive possible durations for each activity, are tabulated herewith:

For a total duration of 25 units of time, the least total direct cost for the complete project will be

Question 6

The network of activity involved in a medium engineering project is given below interfering float of the activity I is (in months):

Duration is in months

Question 7

For a PERT based network diagram choose correct option

I. Standard deviation of project =

II. Mean time of project =

III. Mean time of project =

IV. Standard deviation = 

Question 8

Calculate the volume of water (in liter) required to be mixed in 1.5m3 of concrete of proportion 1 : 3 : 6 with water content = 0.5

Assume density of concrete as 2450 kg/m3

Question 9

Intensity of loading on a simples supported beam is given by W = A sin π x. Beam of span L and x is distance along the axis flexural rigidity of beam is EI. Bending moment at a distance x is

Question 10

Find the principal stress for the solid circular shaft having a radius of 50 mm. The torque of 5 kNm is exerted on the shaft and an axial stress of 50 MPa is also exerted on it

Question 11

The value of slope at A in the given beam is ______________× 10-3. ( up to 1 decimal place)

Question 12

If the area of cross-section of a circular beam is made four times, keeping the loads, length, support conditions and material of the beam unchanged, then the quantities (List-I) will change through different factors (List-II). Match the List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

A) Maximum bending moment
B) Deflection
C) Bending stress
D) Section modulus
1) 8
2) 1
3) 1/8
4) 1/16
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