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GATE CE 2022: Structural Analysis Quiz#3

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Question 1

If a point load acting at the mid span of a fixed beam of uniform section of span 8 m produces fixed end moments of 30 kN-m, then the same load spread uniformly over the entire span will produce fixed end moments equal to

Question 2

Find the rotational stiffness factor at joint P for the figure given. Length of each member = L, flexural rigidity = EI.

Question 3

What is the ratio of fixed end moment of BC to MBC of the following frame if rotation at joint B is ?

Question 4

Determine the rotation of the joint Q for the structure shown. The flexural rigidity and length of all the members are EI and L respectively.

Question 5

Determine the rotation at joint Q.

Question 6

The value of M in the beam ABC shown in the figure is such that the joint B does not rotate.
The value of support reaction (in kN) at B should be equal to______
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