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GATE (CE) 2022 SUBJECT REVISION QUIZ : Structural Analysis

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Question 1

In the conjugate beam, the bending moment at a section gives , for the actual beam,

Question 2

In pin joint frame, when m + r>2j, then the frame is
I. stable
II statically determinate
III statically indeterminate
IV unstable

Question 3

The forces required, in N, to produce  1m displacement (translation without rotation) at either one- third point of a fixed beam of span l and of uniform flexural rigidity EI is if EI=1N-m2 and l = 1m.

Question 4

A loaded portal frame is shown in figure. The profile of its bending moment diagram will be

Question 5

Match List-I with List-II and select correct answer using the code given below the lists:


(A) Moment distribution method

(B) Slope Deflection method

(C) Kani’s method

(D) Force method


(1) Rotation Factor

(2) Flexibility

(3) Hardy cross

(4) Displacements

(5) Stiffness Matrices

Question 6

Which of these statements is correct?

The principle of superposition is applicable to

(a) non-linear behaviour of material & small displacement theory.

(b) non-linear behaviour of material & large displacement theory.

(c) linear elastic material & small displacement theory.

(d) linear elastic material & large displacement theory.

Question 7

The flexibility matrix coefficient 11 and 21 respectively for the beam shown in fig. w.r.t. the coordinate system is-

Question 8

For the structure shown below, the slope deflection equation of the member BA i.e. MBA

Question 9

If [δ ] = (Only K22). If the value of K22 is P. (EI). What will be the value of P (upto 2 decimal places)?

Question 10

In the graphical determination of stresses in the member of a loaded plane truss what is the correct sequence from the following steps.
1. To determine the end reaction vector diagram.
2. Space diagram
3. Stress diagram.

Question 11

A linear elastic structure is loaded at 5 coordinate location, such that [F]T ={100, -75, 150, 200, -250} kN. The corresponding deflections [D] at these coordinates are {5, -8, 7, 5, -4} mm. If in a separate loading condition in which P4 alone acts, the observed deflections are {1, 2, -3, 4, -2} mm. The value of P4 is _________ kN.

Question 12Multiple Correct Options

A three hinged parabolic arch of rise 5 m is subjected to uniformly distributed load throughout its length, so that horizontal thrust is 25kN. Due to an increase in temperature, if the crown rises by 10 cm. Then horizontal thrust _____

Question 13

A cable of insignificant weight, 18 m long, is supported at its two ends, 16m apart, at the same level. The cable supports at its mid-reach a load of 120 N. The tension in the cable is nearly

Question 14

A plane frame is as shown in the figure below. If MBA = 10 kNM (clockwise) and MCD = 21 kNM (counter clockwise) then the value of load P is ______kN

Question 15

The force in member DC in the given truss, if support A settles vertically by 25mm is ____________ kN. (take tension as positive)

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