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GATE (CE) 2023 SUBJECT REVISION QUIZ : Building Materials & Construction Management

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Question 1

Fineness of cement governs which of the following properties of cement

1) Rate of setting

2) Rate of gain of strength

3) Rate of pre hydration

4) Rate of evolution of heat

Question 2

Which of the following is not correct for earnest money?

Question 3

Which of the following pairs in respect of High Alumina Cement are correctly matched?

1) Initial setting time : 1 hr

2) Final setting time : 5.5 hr

3) One day strength : 30 N/mm2

4) Three days strength : 45 N/mm2

Question 4

In critical path method of project planning, free float (FF) can be

Question 5

Which of the following statements regarding CPM method is not correct

Question 6

Question 7

Which of the following ingredients refer to binding materials of mortar?
1) Cement
2) Lime
3) Sand
4) Ashes
Select the correct answer using the code given below.

Question 8

For the network shown, the estimated time in days for each activity is shown in the network diagram. The probability of completing the project in 45 days would be:

The values of Z and the corresponding probability are given in the table:

Question 9

The Optimistic Time (O), most likely Time (M) and Pessimistic Time (P) (in days) of the activities in the critical path are given below in the format O-M-P.  Calculate the expected project duration

Question 10

A project has three activities A followed by B which is followed by C. Taking indirect cost of 25 units per week, the cost of completing the project in 15 weeks is given by?
Activity A : 10 weeks-400 units, 9 weeks-450 units, 8 weeks-500 units
Activity B : 5 weeks-200 units, 4 weeks-225 units
Activity C : 3 weeks-700 units, 2 weeks-800 units

Question 11

Indirect cost is 500 per duration.
The optimum duration of the project will be

Question 12

The direct and indirect costs estimated by a contractor for bidding a project is Rs. 160000 and Rs. 20000 respectively. If the mark up applied is 10% of the bid price, the quoted price (in Rs.) of the contractor is

Question 13

Percentage of carbon content is mild steel is

Question 14

Statement (I): Price escalation clause is inserted in all contracts irrespective of contract amount.

Statement (II): The rationale for price escalation clause is to compensate the contractor due to fluctuation in cost of material, fuel and labour.

Question 15

Which of the following is/are the main drawback(s) in adopting bar charts?
1) All the activities are shown as being independent of each other
2) The sequence of activities is not defined at all
3) It is difficult to judge whether an activity is completed or not
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