RVUNL JE Study Material 2022: Notes for All Branches, Subjects

RVUNL JE Study Material 2022: Notes for All Branches, Subjects

ByNeha Dhyani  |  Updated on: Jan 21, 2022
Sail through the RVUNL JE Exam 2022 with the RVUNL JE Study Material mentioned in this post. Also, download the RVUNL JE Study Material PDF for Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Reasoning, Maths, General Knowledge, Hindi and English.

RVUNL JE Study Material 2022: Complete Notes for RUVNL AEN/JEN Exam! The RUVNL AEN/JEN study material article is a one-stop solution to a RVUNL AEN/JEN aspirant who is searching for a RUVNL AEN/JEN study material in one place. Here, we have mentioned the best and the most reliable study materials for the RUVNL AEN/JEN exam for the civil, electrical, and mechanical exams. Further, you would also be able to study Rajasthan GK such as its tradition, heritage, and geography that forms an essential part of the RUVNL AEN/JEN syllabus. The RVUNL AEN/JEN study material will help you to gather subject-wise knowledge that is required to be known by you for appearing in the examination. In addition to this, we are also providing you with the RVUNL AEN/JEN preparation tips that will be handy for you. 

RVUNL JE Study Material 2022

RVUNL JE 2022 Study Material: As RVUNL AEN/JEN exam is one of the most important and sought-after exams, therefore, it is important that you have adequate and best study materials to prepare for the RUVNL JE exam 2022. The aspirant gets complete RVUNL JE study material i.e. 'subject-wise and 'topic-wise categorization making the preparation easier for the RVUNL AEN/JEN 2022.

RVUNL JE Study Material for Civil Engineering

SubjectTopicStudy Material Link
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
Properties of Soils & Classification and Structure of SoilClick here
Compaction of Soil & Stress distribution in soilsClick here
Principle of Effective Stress & Darcy's Law and 1D-PermeabilityClick here
Consolidation and CompressibilityClick here
Shear Strength of SoilClick here
Earth Pressure TheoriesClick here
Shallow FoundationsClick here
Deep FoundationsClick here
Hydrology & Irrigation
Precipitation, Evaporation and EvapotranspirationClick here
Infiltration and RunoffClick here
Hydrographs and its AnalysisClick here
Types of irrigation systems & Water Requirement of CropsClick here
Lacey, Kennedy and Design of Lined and Unlined CanalClick here
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid PropertiesClick here
Manometry and Buoyancy & Hydrostatic Forces on SurfaceClick here
Fluid KinematicsClick here
Fluid Dynamics and Flow MeasurementsClick here
Flow-through Pipes & Boundary Layer TheoryClick here
Pumps and TurbinesClick here
Dimensional AnalysisClick here
Building Materials
Bricks and stonesClick here
CementClick here
ConcreteClick here
Timber, Lime and other materialsClick here
Structure Analysis
Determinacy and IndeterminacyClick here
Analysis of TrussesClick here
Moment Distribution MethodClick here
Arches and CablesClick here
RCC & Prestressed Concrete
Limit state method of designClick here
shear, torsion & Bond and Development lengthClick here
Design of Beam & Design of slabsClick here
Design of Column & footingsClick here
Prestressed ConcreteClick here
Environmental Engineering
Water Demand & sources of waterClick here
Quality of waterClick here
Treatment of raw waterClick here
wastewater characteristicsClick here
disposal of sewage effluents and design of sewer system and appurtenancesClick here
Treatment of SewageClick here
Transportation Engineering & Surveying
introduction to the highway and Geometric designClick here
Traffic Studies on Flow, Speed & VolumeClick here
Design of pavementClick here
Railway Engineering & airport & docks and harbourClick here
Principle of Surveying, Maps & ScaleClick here
Chain Surveying & LevellingClick here
Traversing and Triangulation surveyClick here
Miscellaneous- instruments, contouring, area and volumeClick here
Engineering Mechanics
Equilibrium of Forces & Law of motion and frictionClick here
Impulse and MomentumClick here
Kinematics and Dynamics of Particles and Rigid BodiesClick here
Design of Steel Structures
Rivets, Bolts and WeldsClick here
Tension MembersClick here
Compression MembersClick here
Beams & Plate GirderClick here

RVUNL JE Study Material for Mechanical Engineering

SubjectTopicDownload Link
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid PropertiesClick here
Manometry and Buoyancy & Hydrostatic Forces on SurfaceClick here
Fluid KinematicsClick here
Fluid Dynamics and Flow MeasurementsClick here
Flow-through Pipes & Boundary Layer TheoryClick here
Pumps and TurbinesClick here
Dimensional AnalysisClick here
Hydraulic Turbines and PumpClick here
Strength of Materials
Stress and StrainClick here
Shear Force and Bending Moment DiagramsClick here
Bending and Shear StressesClick here
Principal Stress and StrainClick here
Deflection of BeamsClick here
TorsionClick here
Thin Cylinders & Buckling of columnClick here
Testing of MaterialsClick here
ConductionClick here
Unsteady State Heat Conduction & FinsClick here
RadiationClick here
Heat ExchangersClick here
Free and Forced ConvectionClick here
Basic Concepts & Zeroth Law of ThermodynamicsClick here
First Law of ThermodynamicsClick here
Second Law of ThermodynamicsClick here
Entropy Availability and IrreversibilityClick here
Properties of Pure SubstancesClick here
Thermodynamic Relations & real Gas MixturesClick here
Machine Design
Brakes and ClutchesClick here
BearingsClick here
Design of Springs, Shafts & GearsClick here
Couplings, Cotters, Knuckle & Belt DrivesClick here
Metal FormingClick here
Metal cutting & Tool LifeClick here
Basic Machine ToolsClick here
WeldingClick here
Metrology and InspectionClick here
Non-conventional Machining ProcessClick here
Computer Integrated ManufacturingClick here
IC Engine
Otto Diesel & Dual Cycle & Performance ParameterClick here
Engine Combustions & LubricationClick here
Power plant
Rankine CycleClick here
Gas turbine CycleClick here
Thermal power plant & its accessoriesClick here
CompressorClick here
Full Subject Revision Quiz, Formula NotesClick here

RVUNL JE Study Material for Electrical Engineering

SubjectTopicDownload Link
Digital Electronics
Number SystemClick Here
Logic GatesClick Here
Minimization of Boolean ExpressionClick Here
Combinational Logic CircuitsClick Here
Sequential Logic CircuitsClick Here
Logic FamilyClick Here
Data ConvertersClick Here
Circuit Theory
Basics of Circuit TheoryClick Here
Kirchhoff's LawsClick Here
Network TheoremsClick Here
Transient AnalysisClick Here
Steady-State AnalysisClick Here
AC Circuit AnalysisClick Here
Two Port NetworksClick Here
Electrical & Electronic
Measurement of Voltage & CurrentClick Here
Measurement of Power & EnergyClick Here
AC & DC BridgesClick Here
Cathode Ray Tube & OscilloscopeClick Here
Digital VoltmetersClick Here
Control Systems
Basics of Control SystemsClick Here
Transfer FunctionClick Here
Time Domain AnalysisClick Here
Frequency Domain AnalysisClick Here
Various PlotsClick Here
Controllers & CompensatorsClick Here
State Space AnalysisClick Here
Electrical Machines
TransformersClick Here
DC MachinesClick Here
Single & Three Phase Induction MotorsClick Here
Synchronous MachinesClick Here
Special MachinesClick Here
Power Electronics
& Drives
Power Semiconductor DevicesClick Here
AC to DC ConvertersClick Here
DC to DC ConvertersClick Here
DC to AC ConvertersClick Here
Electric DrivesClick Here
Signals & Systems
Basics of Signals & SystemsClick Here
L.T.I. SystemsClick Here
Laplace TransformClick Here
Fourier Series & Fourier TransformClick Here
Z Transform & Sampling TheoremClick Here
Electromagnetic Fields
Basics of Field TheoryClick Here
ElectrostaticsClick Here
MagnetostaticsClick Here
Maxwell's, Poisson's & Laplace equationsClick Here
EDC & Analog Electronics
Diode Types & its ApplicationsClick Here
Diode RectifiersClick Here
BJT & FET : Biasing & OperationClick Here
Operational AmplifiersClick Here
Timers & OscillatorsClick Here

RVUNL JE 2022 Study Material for Reasoning & Mental Ability

SubjectTopicDownload Link
  • Reasoning
    & Mental Ability
  • Analogies
Click here
  • Classification
Click here
  • Coding decoding
Click here
  • Blood relations
Click here
  • Syllogism
Click here
  • Full Subject Revision Quiz, Formula Notes
Click here

RVUNL JE Study Material for Mathematics

SubjectTopicDownload Link
  • Mathematics
  • Permutation and Combinations
Click Here
  • Binomial Theorem
Click Here
  • Probability
Click Here
  • Mensuration
Click Here
  • Formula Notes
Click Here

RVUNL JE Study Material: General Knowledge & Everyday Science

GK related to World, India and Everyday Science

SubjectTopicDownload Link
  • Indian History
Indus Valley CivilizationClick Here
Revolt of 1857 and INCClick Here
Delhi Sultanate & Mughal EmpireClick Here
Indian Freedom MovementsClick Here
  • Indian Polity
Basics of Indian ConstitutionClick Here
Important Articles of Indian ConstitutionClick Here
Important Constitutional Posts & Constitutional BodiesClick Here
  • Indian Geography
General Introduction of GeographyClick Here
Rivers & Mountains of IndiaClick Here
Agriculture, Crops & Forests of IndiaClick Here
  • Indian Economics
Basic Introduction to Indian EconomicsClick Here
Introduction to Budget and TaxationClick Here
  • Everyday Science
Biology, Chemistry, PhysicsPDF Link
Important Scientific Laws and TheoriesClick here
Diseases and their Affected AreaClick here
World Neglected Tropical DiseasesClick here
About the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for Drug Intermediates & APIsClick here

GK related to Rajasthan

Subject TopicDownload Link
  • Rajasthan Gk: History
General Awareness RajasthanClick Here
Ancient History of RajasthanClick here
Medieval History of RajasthanClick here
Modern History of RajasthanClick here
 History of RajasthanClick Here
  • Rajasthan Gk: Geography
Geography of RajasthanClick here
Lakes & Rivers of RajasthanClick here
Rajasthan Census 2011Click here

RVUNL JE Study Material for General Hindi

संधि पर स्टडी नोट्सClick Here
अलंकार पर स्टडी नोट्स :Click Here
समास पर स्टडी नोट्सClick Here
मुहावरे पर स्टडी नोट्सClick Here
पर्यायवाची एवं विलोम शब्द पर स्टडी नोट्सClick Here
वर्तनी की त्रुटि पर स्टडी नोट्सClick Here
लोकोक्तियां पर स्टडी नोट्स:Click Here
अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द पर स्टडी नोट्स:Click Here
क्रमबद्धता की युक्तियाँ एवं तरकीबें:Click Here

RVUNL JE Study Material for General English

SubjectTopicDownload Link
General English
Idioms and PhrasesClick Here
ArticlesClick Here

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RVUNL AEN & JEN Exam Study Material FAQs

  • We have tried to provide all the related study materials for RVUNL AEN/JEN 2022 exam here.

  • Questions from the relevant engineering discipline have the maximum weightage in the RVUNL JE written test. 

  • The duration of preparation for RVUNL JE exam depends on the candidates, if your foundation is strong then 2 to 3 months are enough.

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