BPSC AE Salary 2022 – In Hand Salary, Perks & Benefits, Career Growth

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 26th, 2023
BPSC AE Salary 2022 is decided by the commission as government norms. Candidates should learn about BPSC AE salary structure as well. Know BPSC AE in-hand salary, job profile, perks and allowances that are received by BPSC Assistant Engineer here.
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BPSC AE Salary 2022 is based on the rules and regulations of the government. It is crucial information which all candidates must know in order to have realistic career goals. BPSC Assistant Engineer is one of the prominent jobs for which a large number of candidates apply. Hence, candidates should know well BPSC AE salary and job profile to plan their career trajectory. 

Candidates should also be aware of BPSC AE salary structure to know how they will be paid. Being aware of various components that are mentioned in BPSC AE salary slip is important for a candidate’s financial planning. In this post, we have described in detail BPSC AE in-hand salary, job profile, salary structure and more for benefit of the candidates.

BPSC AE Salary 2022

BPSC AE Salary is decided by the Bihar Public Service Commission as per the government norms. The candidates who are appointed for the post of BPSC AE are gazetted officers. The BPSC AE salary and job profile are great and promise a successful career which is why this exam attracts a large number of candidates. Apart from this, the candidates are posted in the Bihar State itself, which gives an advantage to the candidates belonging to Bihar. 

In this post, we have discussed the BPSC AE salary structure as well its various components. The candidates are paid a Grade Pay of Rs. 5,400 in level 9. Having known the salary will give you the motivation to work harder to qualify the BPSC AE 2022 exam as well. Further, since you will be joining as Assistant Engineer, therefore, it is important for you to be familiar with the BPSC AE job profile. We have explained BPSC AE in-hand salary, perks, allowances, job profile, promotion, roles and responsibilities in detail here. 

BPSC AE Salary Structure

We have provided BPSC AE salary structure here to ensure candidates understand the various components of the compensation they will be receiving. The BPSC AE salary will be paid as per level 9 with the grade pay being Rs. 5,400. Along with the salary, the candidates will also be given the HRA, DA and other allowances as discussed in the table below. 

BPSC AE Salary Structure

Pay level 

Level – 9

Grade Pay

Rs. 5,400

7th CPC Entry Pay

Rs. 53,100

Dearness Allowances (DA) 

Rs. 6,372

Travel Allowance (TA)

Rs. 600 – Rs. 1,500

Deductions for PF and Pension

 Rs. 1300

Medical Allowance

Rs. 1000

House Rent Allowance (HRA) 

Rs. 3,186 – Rs. 8496

BPSC AE In-Hand Salary

BPSC in-hand salary is decided after all the additions and deductions. After selection, the candidates will receive BPSC AE salary in the range of Rs. 64,258 to Rs. 70,468. Thus, the annual salary received by a BPSC Assistant Engineer is around Rs. 9 to Rs.11.5 Lakhs per annum. The candidates will also be entitled to receive other perks and allowances apart from their salary. 

BPSC AE Perks and Allowances  

Apart from receiving the BPSC AE salary, the candidates will be entitled to receive other perks and allowances admissible to them. The BPSC AE perks and benefits received by him/her are mentioned below in the table. 

BPSC AE Allowances


Dearness Allowance

All government employees as well as pensioners get this allowance in order to offset the inflation impact.

Travel Allowance

TA is given on a monthly basis to all the employees to cover their travel expenses when they travel due to office work. 

Medical Allowance

This allowance is to cover the medical expenses of the employee and the employee’s family in case of medical need. 

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

Employees staying in rented houses are eligible to claim a partial amount as a sum of HRA.

Other Perks of BPSC AE 

  • The candidates will be given vehicles for official works
  • The BPSC AE will be a gazetted post which in itself highlights the fact that it is a reputable job under the Bihar Govt. 
  • The candidates will be appointed as SDM after a few years.

BPSC AE Job Profile: Role and Responsibilities

The BPSC AE job profile is very interesting and crucial for candidates to know. Being aware of BPSC AE job roles and responsibilities will help candidates get a better understanding of the work they will be undertaking. The appointed Assistant Engineers in BPSC will be responsible for performing the following tasks. 

  • To maintain the control charts in the respective department.
  • Conduct analytical tests on a regular basis to keep a check for any issues.
  • To look into the root causes of any issues.
  • Conduct inspections to determine engineering requirements (department or branch-wise) whenever required.
  • To propose or bid specifications and other jobs.

BPSC AE Promotion and Career Growth

The BPSC AE career growth or promotion will be done every few year based on the performance of the candidate. A BPSC AE will begin his career as a BPSC Assistant engineer and go up to the highest rank which is BPSC Engineer In Chief. The ways BPSC AE career growth and promotion are done is listed below. 

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Executive Engineer
  • Superintending Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Engineer In Chief

How is BPSC AE Promoted?

BPSC AE promotion can make one Executive Engineer which is a gazetted post equivalent to that of an SDM. The promotion of a BPSC Assistant to the next post or level will be based on various factors which can be: 

  • Seniority in terms of service
  • An employee’s Service record and Feedback Reports from the seniors
  • Through departmental exam.

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