BPSC AE Syllabus 2022: Download BPSC AE Syllabus PDF

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 26th, 2023
BPSC AE syllabus is released by the commission for Assistant Engineer exam. Check out the important topics for BPSC AE syllabus for Electrical, Mechanical & Civil engineering. You can also download BPSC AE syllabus pdf for better understanding.
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BPSC AE syllabus 2022 is prescribed by the Bihar Public Service Commission for the Assistant Engineer exam. It is crucial that candidates acquaint themselves well with the syllabus. It provides them with a list of important topics that makes exam preparation easier. The BPSC AE syllabus is released for six papers. The first four papers are common for all candidates and consist of General English, General Hindi, General Studies and General Engineering. The other two papers offer a choice of subjects from Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering based on the candidate’s qualifications.

As BPSC AE syllabus is quite vast, candidates must understand it thoroughly and make a well-outlined plan to prepare for it. In this post, we have provided a detailed syllabus for BPSC AE to help candidates understand the exam better. We have also provided BPSC AE syllabus PDF for candidates to download and read at ease. 

BPSC AE Syllabus 2022

BPSC AE Syllabus is one of the most crucial pieces of information that should be known by all the candidates who will be appearing for the exam. The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) sets the syllabus for Assistant Engineers. In order to prepare for the exam, you should have a clear idea of the BPSC AE syllabus and its important topics for all subjects. This will ease your load and help you prepare maximum topics in minimum time.

The BPSC AE syllabus consists of a total of 6 papers out of which 4 are compulsory and common for all the branches. On the other hand, the optional papers are as per the concerned engineering discipline. The selection for the BPSC AE Exam will consist of one single examination, which is the written exam. You can also download the BPSC AE syllabus PDF here to prepare for the BPSC AE 2022 exam. Read on to get the detailed syllabus for exam preparation. 

Download BPSC AE Syllabus PDF

To get a better idea of the syllabus, you can download the BPSC AE Syllabus PDF by clicking on the link that is given below. This PDF will give you a detailed view of the syllabus that will enhance your understanding of what to study.

Download BPSC AE Syllabus PDF

BPSC AE Syllabus for Compulsory Papers

The BPSC AE compulsory paper will have the following subjects. The candidates will be required to attempt all the papers. 

  • General English 
  • General Hindi
  • General Studies 
  • General Engineering

The General English and Hindi syllabus shall be qualifying in nature. You can check out the syllabus for the BPSC AE compulsory papers below in great detail. 

BPSC AE General English Syllabus 

The general English section will consist of objective-type questions from the following topics. If the candidates have a good habit of reading, then they can ace most of these topics with ease.

  • Error Detection
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Jumbled Sentence
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Cloze Test
  • Sentence Improvement
  • One Word Substitution

BPSC AE General Hindi Syllabus 

The general Hindi section will be simple and will judge the basics of the Hindi language. Candidates must be aware of the day to day to use of the language too. Following are some of the important topics. 

  • व्याकरण (Grammar)
  • शब्दावली (Vocabulary)
  • शब्दों का उपयोग (Usage of Words)
  • रस
  • अलंकार
  • समास
  • सन्धि
  • पर्यायवाची शब्द /समानार्थी शब्द (Synonyms)
  • विलोम (Antonyms)
  • तत्सम एवं तदभव
  • वाक्यांशों के लिए शब्द निर्माण
  • लोकोक्तियाँ एवं मुहावरे (Idioms & Phrases)
  • त्रुटि से सम्बंधित अनेकार्थी शब्द
  • वर्तनी (Spelling)
  • वाक्य संशोधन
  • कारक
  • लिंग (Gender)
  • वचन (Singular/Plural)

BPSC AE General Engineering Syllabus 

The BPSC AE General Engineering syllabus will have those topics that can be answered by any engineering graduate. 

  • Electrical Measuring Instrument
  • Energy Conversion
  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Methodology of Constructions
  • Transport Phenomenon
  • Engineering Economy & Management
  • Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Environment Engineering

BPSC AE General Studies Syllabus 

  • Polity
  • Bihar GK 
  • Economy
  • Physics
  • Physics
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK
  • Awards & Honours
  • Currencies & Capitals
  • Geography

BPSC AE Civil Syllabus

The BPSC AE Syllabus for the Civil exam shall ve based on the graduation level. The important topics for BPSC AE civil syllabus for paper 5 and paper 6 are given below. 

BPSC AE Civil Syllabus (Paper 5)

  • Structure
  • Structural Design icluding RCC beams, sills, pillars, shear and diagonal tension, Concrete techniques: Climbing and marginal load design, Study of vertical and seismic forces in building structure design. (b) Steel structure tension, compression and flexural components, roof scissor plate girder, bracket connection. 
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundations Engineering

BPSC AE Civil Syllabus (Paper 6)

  • Hydrology and Water Resources: Description of irrigation works, flooding, damage and control, the behaviour of river drainage, surface and underground drainage, channel design, general principles of hydropower engineering.
  • Water system flow description- the principle of energy and momentum homogeneous, sequential traversal changed flow, components of river flow, sediment transport.
  • Design of Fluid Structure 
  • Transportation Engineering 
  • Components of bridge engineering
  • Public health engineering
  • Water supply
  • Drainage and Sanitation

BPSC AE Electrical Syllabus

The BPSC AE Electrical syllabus shall have two Paper, Paper 5 and Paper 6. Candidates who have a degree in Electrical Engineering will be able to attempt the questions. 

BPSC AE Electrical Syllabus for Electrical Exam Paper 5

  • Electrical circuits
  • E.M. Theory Electromagnetic Theory 
  • Matter Science (Electric Matter Materials)
  • Principles of Electrical Measurement
  • Components of estimation 

BPSC AE Syllabus for Electrical Exam Paper 5

  • Power Tools and Methods
  • Control method
  • Electronic and Communication Electronic

BPSC AE Mechanical Syllabus

The BPSC AE Mechanical exam will have two compulsory papers, Paper 5 and Paper 6. Check out the syllabus below. 

BPSC AE Syllabus for Mechanical Exam Paper 5

  • Thermodynamics 
  • Internal combustion engines CI and SI
  • Steam Boiler

BPSC AE Syllabus for Mechanical Exam Paper 6

  • Principles of Mechanics 
  • Machine Design 
  • Material strength
  • Engineering Materials 
  • Production Engineering 

BPSC Assistant Engineer Exam Pattern

The BPSC AE Exam is held offline mode and carry a total of 600 marks. Out of the total of 600 marks, 200 marks paper will be only qualifying in nature while 400 marks are allotted for the compulsory papers and in which 200 marks are allotted for the optional papers ie concerned discipline. Each paper consists of 100 Marks. The BPSC AE Exam Pattern is shared here in the table below. 

BPSC AE Compulsory Paper Exam Pattern

Compulsory Papers for BPSC AE
Subject Type Of Paper Duration Marks

General English

Objective 1 Hour 100 Marks (Qualifying)

General Hindi

Objective 1 Hour 100 Marks (Qualifying)

General Studies

Objective 1 Hour 100 Marks

General Engineering Science

Objective 1 Hour 100 Marks

BPSC AE Optional Paper Exam Pattern

Optional Papers for BPSC AE
Subject Type Of Paper Duration Marks

Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering – Paper 1

Objective 1 Hour 100 Marks

Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering – Paper 2

Objective 1 Hour 100 Marks

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