RRB JE Salary, In-hand Salary, Monthly Salary Slip

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RRB JE salary is determined by the Ministry of Railways in accordance with central government guidelines. The RRB JE grade pay is Rs. 4200, to which other benefits are added in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission.
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Candidates preparing for the post of Junior Engineer must have a better idea about the RRB JE Salary and Job Profile. Candidates who are shortlisted for Junior Engineer posts play a vital role in the operation of the Railways. Hence, it is essential to understand the RRB JE job profile and tasks.

RRB JE salary structure consists of several components which make the salary figure lucrative. Salary is subject to change on promotion or change of job location. More information on Railway JE Salary like Grade Pay, Pay Slip, etc. has been presented below.

RRB JE Salary 2023

RRB JE Salary is one of the factors attracting a huge number of job applications for this post. Every year, lakhs of candidates apply for RRB JE Recruitment as it is a highly coveted central government job under the Ministry of Railways. It offers candidates a lucrative career with good promotion potential, a good job profile, and a decent salary.

According to the 7th Pay Commission, the RRB JE pay band is Rs. 35400 – 112400 in the 6th pay scale. After that, the salary of the candidates increases according to their promotion and the nature of their work. Candidates who pass RRB JE 2023 will be compensated according to the 7th pay commission.

RRB JE Salary Structure

RRB JE Salary Structure includes all the components like Grade Pay, Pay Scale, DA, HRA, etc. Since the salary of Railway JE varies depending upon the posting or location of the job of the candidate, Indian Railways has classified the cities into three categories. on which salary is paid. The RRB JE Salary Structure 2023 as per the cities classification is given below:

  • Class A: Metropolis with a Population> 50 lakhs 
  • Class B: Metropolis + Other Big Cities with Population within 50 lakhs ( City Y)
  • Class C: Village + Small Cities with Population< 50 lakhs ( City Z)
  • The HRA has been revised to 30%, 20%, and 5% for Class A, B, and C cities respectively as the DA has crossed 50%. 

RRB JE Salary as per Job Location


Class A Cities

(in Rupees)

Class B Cities

(in Rupees)

Class C Cities

(in Rupees)

Basic Pay




Dearness Allowance (34% of Basic)




House Rent Allowance (% varies as per city)

9,558 (27%)

6,372 (18%)

3,186 (9%)

Transport Allowance




Other Allowance




Total RRB JE Salary




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RRB JE In-hand Salary

RRB JE in-hand salary will be offered to candidates who are appointed to the Junior Engineer position after successfully completing the RRB JE selection process. Candidates will be paid in two categories: during their trainee period and when they are offered a permanent position in the Indian Railways.

RRB JE In-Hand Salary 

RRB JE Trainee Period Salary

Rs. 47,436/-

RRB JE Permanent Post Salary

Rs. 61,022-69,794/-

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RRB JE Salary After 7th Pay Commission

RRB JE salary after the 7th Pay Commission is given below in the table. We have also provided the RRB JE salary as per the 6th pay commission so that candidates can compare the two easily. 

RRB JE Posts

RRB JE Salary

Pay Scale Band (Current Salary)

Rs. 29300 – 34800

Pay Band

Level 6

Grade Pay (Current Salary)

Rs. 4,200

Pay Band (6 CPC)

Rs. 29300 – 34800

Grade Pay (6 CPC)

Rs. 4,800

Pay Band (7 CPC)

Rs. 37200 – 139200

Grade Pay (7 CPC)

Rs. 19,200

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RRB JE Salary Slip

To understand RRB JE salary and its components better, we have provided the RRB JE salary slip below. This will provide aspirants with knowledge of salary structure as well as the various deductions and additions to it.

RRB JE Salary Slip

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RRB JE Post-wise Salary

As we know that RRB recruits candidates for Junior Engineer posts in different departments so their salary also varies. We have provided RRB JE post-wise salary in the below table so that candidates can have a fair idea about it.


RRB JE Pay Scale

RRB JE Pay Band

RRB JE Grade Pay

RRB Junior Engineer (JE)

Level – 6

Rs. 35400 – 112400/-

Rs. 4,200

RRB Junior Engineer (Information Technology)

Depot Material Superintendent (DMS)

Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant (CMA)

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How to Calculate RRB JE Salary? 

RRB Junior Engineer Salary can be calculated as given below. However, you must note that the RRB JE Dearness Allowance (DA) will vary when the DA is hiked by the Central Government. In addition, the House Rent Allowance (HRA) will also vary as per the job posting/location (Class X, Y, Z cities) of the candidates.

Here is how to calculate RRB JE salary for tier-1 city.

  • Basic Pay = Rs 35,400
  • DA = 35,400 * 34 % 
  • HRA = 35,400 * 27%
  • TA = 3,600 + 34% of 3,600 = 4,800

RRB JE Salary Deductions

There will be EPF and NPS deductions in Railway JE in-hand salary.

  • NPS 10 % of Basic pay = Rs 3,540
  • Professional tax = Rs 2,00
  • CGIS = Rs 30
  • Total deductions – Rs. 3,770

Important Note: The rate of deductions is subject to change as per government policies.

RRB Junior Engineer Perks and Allowances

The candidates who will be appointed to the post of Junior Engineer are entitled to the below-mentioned RRB JE allowances and perks.

  • Basic Pay
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • Dearness Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)
  • Railway Duty Pass
  • Educational Allowance
  • Overwork payment 
  • Medical Facilities
  • Other Special Allowances

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RRB JE Career Growth and Promotion

Candidates who want to know about the future of RRB Junior Engineer like promotion and career growth can go through the details given below. We have shared the career development hierarchy followed by Indian Railways for Junior Engineers:

  • Junior Engineer
  • Senior Section Engineer/Senior Engineer
  • Assistant Divisional Engineer (AEN)
  • Divisional Engineer (DEN)
  • Senior Divisional Engineer (Sr. DEN)

RRB JE Promotion

RRB JE Job Profile: Roles and Responsibilities 

The candidates will be given the roles and responsibilities for the post of RRB JE as per their educational qualifications. The post-wise RRB JE job profile is given below. 

RRB JE Civil Job Profile

  • The candidate who will be selected as an RRB Civil JE will work as a supervisor in the civil engineering department. In other words, they can be called Inspectors of works/in charge of tracks.
  • These civil engineers are responsible for the maintenance and construction of Railway buildings including staff quarters, water supply to these buildings, encroachment of railway land, etc.
  • He/She also holds charge of periodical and accounting verification of stores and tools. They have to ensure that the railway track is maintained better to allow safe, smooth, and fast movements of trains.
  • Along with all this, the job profile of JE in the civil department also includes the maintenance of the bridge, workshop, and construction in the railway division. And prepare the estimation, and drawing of work that needs to be put in for full platform readiness.

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Job Responsibilities of RRB JE Electrical

  • The candidate selected as a JE in RRB Electrical is responsible for the maintenance of the electric locomotive, equipment overhead and traction (i.e. control the speed at which the drive wheels spin) distribution, lighting & air conditioning (AC) of the train, power supply, safety system, etc.
  • Monitoring & maintaining valuable equipment like overhead (OHE), and substations (PS) which are indulged in the shifting of rolling stock.
  • Produce and safeguard the main line EMUs (MEMUs), and Electric Locomotives.

Job Responsibilities of RRB JE Electronics

  • The RRB ETE JE holds the responsibilities of overseeing the signaling installation of the stations, finalizing the proposal for the work budget, revenue, & periodic review.

Job Responsibilities of  RRB JE Mechanical

  • The responsibilities of RRB ME JE are to check the conditions of the components of goods wagons and passengers coaches and make a defect-freerolling stock i.e. diesel.

RRB JE CS Job Profile 

  • RRB IT JE roles include the updation of the content on the website of the railway on a daily basis. They also make available IT hardware/ software/ office equipment like a photocopier, fax machines, etc.

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RRB JE Probation Period

The candidates who will be appointed to the post of RRB JE will be on probation for 2 years. During this period, they will be provided training to understand the job roles and responsibilities. After the RRB JE probation period is over, they will be appointed as permanent employees in Indian Railways.

Download the Complete Doc of RRB JE Salary

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