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By Asha Gupta|Updated : June 14th, 2021

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Idioms and Phrases:

  1. (an) eye wash (a pretense)- My friend’s promise to help me just proved an eye
  2. A culture vulture : someone who is very keen to experience art and
  3. A death below: An action or event which causes something to end of fail
  4. A double entendre ( a word which has two meanings)
  5. A match made in heaven: A marriage that is likely to be successful and
  6. Above all (before everything else)- Above all, he is blunt and dare devil.
  7. Above board (honest and straightforward)- He is known for his above board conduct.
  8. Achilles’ heel (weak point) Everyone has his Achilles’ heel
  9. Add fuel to the flame or fire (to make matter worse)- The attempt to suppress the agitation of the strikers only added fuel to the
  10. After one’s own heart (to one’s liking)- When Deepa met a man she went after her own heart, she got married to him.
  11. All in all (most important)- as he was the only son in a big family, he was all in all in his
  12. An apple of discord (cause of quarrel)- Ancestral property is an apple of discord between two
  13. Apple-pie order (in perfect order)- On the eve of inspection everything was kept in apple-pie order.
  14. Argus eyed (careful, observant)- as a politician, He is Argus Eyed and never overlook even a small
  15. As fit as a fiddle (strong and healthy)- He has recovered from illness and now he is as fit as a
  16. Assumer airs (to pretend superiority)- The rich are in the habit of assuming airs in the presence of their poor
  17. At a loose end (unoccupied, idle)- Now a days he is at a loose end because he has wound up his
  18. At a loss (to be unable to decide)- I am at a loss to know what to do.
  19. At a stone’s throw (very close)- My friend’s house is at a stone’s throw from
  20. At close quarters (close examinations)- Many of my friends proved selfish at close quarters.
  21. At cross purposes (have conflicting intentions)- How can there be peace in their family when husbands and wife are at cross
  22. At dagger’s drawn (to have bitter enmity)- The quarrel between the two brothers has grown more bitter now and they are at dagger’s drawn.
  23. At large (abscond, to keep unchained)- People keep their dogs at large at night .
  24. At logger heads (to be at strife)- The partners of our firm are at logger heads these
  25. At odds (in dispute)- The members of the group were at odds over the selection
  26. At one’s fingertips (complete knowledge)- All the rules of synthesis are at his fingertips.
  27. At one’s wits’ end (perplexed)- Sohan was at his wit’s end to find that his younger brother has taken
  28. At random (aimlessly)- The militants fired at random killing a lot of innocent persons.
  29. At sea (applied to a person confused)- My sister is quite at sea in math; she cannot solve a single
  30. At sixes and sevens (in disorder)- There was robbery in our neighborhood last night and when I entered the house to inquire, everything was at sixes and
  31. At the bottom of (to be mainly responsible for)- it was found later that Shanu was at the bottom of the whole trouble.
  32. At the spur of the moment (at the exact time)- In an interview we must reply at the spur of the moment.
  33. Back stairs influence (by unfair means)- These days many persons are given good posts through back stairs influence.
  34. Bad blood (bitter relations)- the riots have created bad blood between the two communities in
  35. Bad egg (a worthless)- He comes of a noble family but he himself is a bad
  36. Bandy words (to wrangle, to argue)- Obedient children don’t use bandy words with their parents when they are
  37. Bank on (depend on, count on)- The rich always bank on money to get things done.
  38. Bated breath (in anxiety, expectancy)- The fate of the match hung in balance and everybody waited for the result with bated breath.
  39. Be up to (to be equal to)- He is up to all the tricks of the trade to grind his own axe.
  40. Bear the burnt of (to bear the main shock of)- The poor have to bear the burnt of increasing
  41. Beat about the bush (to talk in a roundabout manner)- We should always come to the point and should not beat about the bush.
  42. Beat the air (to make useless efforts)- some speakers merely beat the air in speech while
  43. Bee in one’s bonnet (to be fussy)- She seems to have a bee in her bonnet because she is always finding faults with others.
  44. Bell the cat (to take first step at personal risk)- Many people can boast of their bravery, but very few can bell the cat.
  45. Beside the mark (irrelevant)- No body agreed with him because his arguments were beside the mark.
  46. Besides oneself (to feel excessively)- Due to the accidental death of his wife he was beside himself with grief.
  47. Bid defiance (to ignore)- Rohan bade defiance to his father’s wish of becoming a doctor and instead became an engineer.
  48. Big draw (a huge attraction)- The match between India and Pakistan is always a big
  49. Bird’s eye view (concise view)- We had a bird’s eye view of the whole fair from the top of a giant wheel.
  50. Bit/piece of one’s mind (to scold)- My father wrote to my brother giving a piece of his mind about his insulting conduct.


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