TNPSC CESE Syllabus 2023: Download AE Paper 1 and 2 Syllabus PDF

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 26th, 2023
Download TNPSC AE Syllabus PDF for Civil Engineering along with other streams. Check TNPSC CESE Syllabus for Paper 1 and Paper 2 and key topics before starting the preparation here.
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TNPSC CESE syllabus 2023 will be released along with the official notification by the exam conducting body, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC). Candidates preparing for the TNPSC Combined Engineering Services Examination should take a disciplined approach to complete the TNPSC AE syllabus required to pass the exam. 

Candidates should be aware that the syllabus has recently changed, so they should keep up to date with the TNPSC CESE AE new syllabus. Candidates must take the appropriate approach to wrap up the syllabus well in advance of the exam date. We have provided the new TNPSC CESE syllabus details below. The direct link to download the TNPSC CESE syllabus pdf is also provided below for your convenience.

TNPSC CESE Syllabus 2023

TNPSC CESE syllabus 2023 is essential for preparing for the TNPSC CESE 2023 exam. The written exam consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, and both papers are extremely important for the candidate’s selection. We have provided the TNPSC AE syllabus for the written test in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile, and Agriculture Engineering for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

The notification shall include a detailed TNPSC AE syllabus and a list of key topics for Papers 1 and 2. The selection is entirely based on the candidates’ performance in the written exam, which will include questions from engineering subjects as well as GK, Tamil, and Mental Ability. Candidates can also download the TNPSC Combined Engineering Services syllabus pdf using the direct link which will be provided below.

TNPSC CESE AE Syllabus 2023 PDF

TNPSC CESE syllabus is divided into two parts: a written exam followed by an oral test and counselling. The written exam is divided into two papers. Paper 1 is the subject-specific syllabus, which includes Civil, Agricultural, and Electrical Engineering at the degree level. On the other hand, the Paper 2 syllabus, consists of General Studies, Tamil Test, and Aptitude & Mental Ability Test. TNPSC CESE syllabus pdf is given below. You can download the TNPSC AE syllabus pdf and save it on your device to access it offline at any time.

TNPSC AE Syllabus for Paper 1

TNPSC CESE syllabus for paper 1 will be subject-specific. Candidates must ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of the subjects because it carries the maximum weightage. TNPSC AE syllabus for Agricultural, Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical engineering is provided below.

TNPSC AE Civil Engineering Syllabus

TNPSC CESE syllabus for Civil Engineering is extensive but contains many interesting concepts. Candidates must be well-versed in the topics in order to answer questions about them.

It shall consist of important topics such as Engineering Survey, Structural Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering And Pollution Control, Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, Project Management and Estimating, Design Of Reinforced Concrete, Prestressed Concrete, and Steel Structures, etc. Given below is the detailed syllabus for TNPSC CESE Civil Engineering.

TNPSC CESE Syllabus for Mechanical

Candidates who appear for the TNPSC CESE Mechanical exam should check out the TNPSC CESE Mechanical Engineering syllabus as prescribed by TNPSC. Various important topics are covered in this paper that including Mechanics, Kinetics And Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics And Turbo Machinery, Strength Of Materials And Design, Materials Science And Metallurgy, Metrology And Quality Control, Industrial Engineering And Management, CAD / CAM / CIM / FEA. 

Stress, Strain and Deformation of Solids, Transverse Loading on Beams and Stresses in Beams, Torsion, Deflection of Beams, Energy Principles, Foundry Technology, Steam Tables, Rankine, Brayton cycles with regeneration and reheat Equilibrium of Rigid bodies, Properties of Surfaces and Solids, Dynamics of Particles, Work-study, Leadership, controlling, Friction and Elements of Rigid Body Dynamics, Bernoulli‟s equation Kinematics of mechanisms, Control and Vibration, Computer-Aided Inspection, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics are some of the other important topics that are covered in the TNPSC CESE syllabus for Mechanical Engineering.

TNPSC AE Exam Syllabus For Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is yet another important subject that is included in the TNPSC CESE syllabus for Electrical Engineering for the candidates who have the qualification for this subject. The syllabus for TNPSC CESE Electrical consists of topics that include Electrical Circuits, Electric And Magnetic Fields,  Measurements And Instrumentation, Control Systems,  Digital Processors And Communication, Renewable Energy Sources And Storage Devices, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Analog And Digital Electronics. 

Apart from the topics that are mentioned in above, the candidates also need to focus on the TNPSC CESE syllabus for Electrical Engineering which includes Renewable Energy, Radiation MeasurementSolar Photovoltaic Cell, Operating Principle, Microhydel – Operating principle- Wind Energy SourceWind Patterns and Wind Data- Site Selection- Types of Wind Generators-Fuel Cells-BatteriesSuper Capacitors, Architecture of 8085, 8086 and 8051, Power Diode-DIAc – SCRsTRIAC-GTO – power MOSFET-IGBT, Semiconductor Devices, Simplification of Logic Functions- Design of Combination circuits, Memories(ROM,PLA and FPGA), AC and DC Distribution, – Mechanical Design of Transmission Lines-Sag-Insulators – ZBus and YBus formulation, D.C. Machines, Hysteresis Motors, Errors for Different Type of Inputs and Stability Criteria for Feedback Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Static and Dynamic Characteristics, Coulomb’s Law-Electric Field Intensity-Electric Flux Density-Gauss’s Law, Mesh and Nodal Analysis, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem,  Butterworth Filters, Chebyshev Filters, etc.

TNPSC AE Syllabus 2023 for Agricultural Engineering

TNPSC CESE Syllabus for Agricultural Engineering consists of subjects that you have studied in your engineering at the degree level. TNPSC has notified a number of vacancies for Agricultural Engineering that you should ensure to get a good understanding for. The syllabus for TNPSC CESE Agricultural Engineering constitutes of Surveying And Hydrology,  Renewable And Bioenergy, Soil Erosion And Conservation, Watershed Development And Management,  Irrigation And Drainage,  Farm And Irrigation Structures, Unit Operations In Food And Agricultural Processing, : Process Engineering Of Agricultural And Horticultural Crops Farm Power, Farm Machinery.

TNPSC AE Paper 2 Syllabus

TNPSC CESE syllabus for Paper 2 consists of three papers that are, General Studies, Tamil language paper, and Aptitude & Mental Ability syllabus. Every paper accounts a good amount of importance that will help you fetch marks in the written exam. We have explained the TNPSC AE syllabus 2023 for each subject below.

TNPSC CESE Syllabus 2022 – Paper 2

General Studies

Mental Ability

Scientific Knowledge and Scientific Temper

Highest Common Factor (HCF) & Lowest Common Multiple (LCM).

Nature of Universe

Logical Reasoning – Puzzles-Dice – Visual Reasoning – Alphanumeric Reasoning

Environment and Ecology

Simple interest, Compound interest 

Current Affairs

Ratio and Proportion.

Development Administration in Tamil Nadu 

Area – Volume, Time and Work

History, Culture, Heritage and Socio-Political Movements in Tamil Nadu


Indian National Movement

Number Series

Indian Polity


TNPSC CESE Syllabus for Tamil Eligibility Test 

The candidates applying for TNPSC CESE exam will have to attempt the Tamil language test also. The questions for Tamil language shall be of Class 10th standard.

tnpsc cese syllabus

tnpsc cese syllabus

TNPSC CESE Syllabus 2022 – Preparation Tips

Candidates who are preparing for the TNPSC CESE 2022 exam should ensure that they have a good preparation strategy to crack the exam. Every candidate needs to have consistency while practicing for the exam by solving TNPSC CESE mock tests.

  • Make sure that you have a good knowledge fo the TNPSC CESE syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Create a proper timetable to track your progress that is needed to complete the syllabus well on time.
  • It is better to prepare the current affairs that is asked in General Studies by taking the current affairs classes every day and make notes.
  • You should study Class 10th books for Tamil Language paper.
  • Keep your weekends to clear backlogs and revise current affairs. 
  • Practice TNPSC CESE question papers to understand the exam pattern and exam trend.

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