60 Days Study Plan for DFCCIL Civil Engineering 2021 Exam: Check Daily Updated Notes!

By Anjali Gupta|Updated : September 13th, 2021

60 Days Study Plan for DFCCIL Civil Engineering 2021 Exam: Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) is a Public Sector Undertaking under the administrative control of the Government of India (Ministry of Railways), has given the notification of 1074 Vacancies for recruitment of Junior Executive, Executive, and Junior Manager in Civil, Electrical, S&T, Operations & BD, and Mechanical Departments of DFCCIL. The total number of vacancies for Executive (Civil)  is 73. This is the best opportunity for Civil Engineering Aspirants to work with one of the top PSU and make their career.  Day by day the competition is increasing and you have to prepare a proper and full proof preparation strategy for the Preparation of DFCCIL.

BYJU'S Exam Prep Brings you 60 Days Study Plan for the preparation of DFCCIL  Civil Engineering. This Study Plan will be free and will be very beneficial for the students preparing and targeting the DFCCIL Exam.

Table of Content

Benefits of the "60 Days Study Plan for the preparation of DFCCIL: Civil Engineering"

  • This study plan is designed by our subject experts to cover the whole syllabus of Civil Engineering in 60 Days.
  • The study plan is consists of Study Notes and a Quiz of each chapter of the subject individually.
  • The Study Notes will be provided chapter-wise for each Subject and will cover all the important concepts, formulas, and theory as per the requirements of the DFCCIL Exam.
  • You can ask your doubts about the particular subject and topic in the comment section of the blog and your doubts will be resolved by our subject experts.
  • The Quiz contains the best question of the particular topic and will help you to work on your speed and accuracy, which is very important from the exam point of view.
  • This study plan will be daily updated and hence will help you to keep in touch with the subject and consistency in the preparation which is a very important aspect.
  • If you follow this study plan then your complete syllabus will be covered with an extra edge of practising and solving questions of each and every topic in the time frame manner and before the exam.
  • This will help to increase your confidence, covering all-around preparation for the exam.

The detailed Schedule of the 60 Days Study Plan for the preparation of DFCCIL: Civil Engineering is given below

DFCCIL 60 Days Study Plan CIVIL
S.No.SubjectStudy NotesDateQuiz Deeplink
Hydrology & Irrigation
Precipitation, Evaporation and Evapotranspiration17 May 21 Attempt Now
2Infiltration and Runoff18 May 21 Attempt Now
3Hydrographs and its Analysis19 May 21Attempt Now 
4Types of irrigation systems & Water Requirement of Crops20 May 21  Attempt Now
5Lacey, Kennedy and Design of Lined and Unlined Canal21 May 21 Attempt Now 
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Properties22 May 21 Attempt Now 
7Manometry and Buoyancy & Hydrostatic Forces on Surface23 May 21 Attempt Now 
8Fluid Kinematics24 May 21 Attempt Now 
9Fluid Dynamics and Flow Measurements25 May 21 Attempt Now 
10Flow-through Pipes & Boundary Layer Theory26 May 21 Attempt Now 
11Pumps and Turbines27 May 21 Attempt Now 
12Dimensional Analysis28 May 21 Attempt Now 
Strength of Materials
Metal's Property, Stress and Strain29 May 21 Attempt Now 
14Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams30 May 21 Attempt Now 
15Bending and Shear Stress31 May 21 Attempt Now 
16Transformation of stresses and strains and Mohr's circle & theories of Failure1 June 21 Attempt Now 
17Torsion2 June 21 Attempt Now 
18Deflection of Beam3 June 21 Attempt Now 
Building Materials
Bricks and stones4 June 21 Attempt Now
20Cement5 June 21 Attempt Now 
21Concrete6 June 21 Attempt Now 
22Timber, Lime and other materials7 June 21 Attempt Now 
Structure Analysis
Determinacy and Indeterminacy8 June 21 Attempt Now 
24Analysis of Trusses9 June 21 Attempt Now 
25Moment Distribution Method10 June 21 Attempt Now 
26Arches and Cables11 June 21 Attempt Now 
RCC & Prestressed Concrete
Limit state method of design12 June 21 Attempt Now
28shear, torsion & Bond and Development length13 June 21 Attempt Now 
29Design of Beam & Design of slabs14 June 21 Attempt Now 
30Design of Column & footings15 June 21 Attempt Now 
31Prestressed Concrete16 June 21 Attempt Now 
Environmental Engineering
Water Demand & sources of water17 June 21 Attempt Now 
33Quality of water18 June 21 Attempt Now 
34Treatment of raw water19 June 21 Attempt Now 
35wastewater characteristics20 June 21 Attempt Now 
36disposal of sewage effluents and design of sewer system and appurtenances21 June 21 Attempt Now 
37Treatment of Sewage22 June 21 Attempt Now 
Transportation Engineering & Surveying
introduction to highway and Geometric design23 June 21 Attempt Now 
39Traffic Studies on Flow, Speed & Volume24 June 21 Attempt Now 
40Design of pavement25 June 21 Attempt Now 
41Railway Engineering & airport & docks and harbour26 June 21 Attempt Now 
42Principle of Surveying, Maps & Scale27 June 21 Attempt Now 
43Chain Surveying & Levelling28 June 21 Attempt Now 
44Traversing and Triangulation survey29 June 21 Attempt Now 
45Miscellaneous- instruments, contouring, area and volume30 June 21 Attempt Now 
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
Properties of Soils & Classification and Structure of Soil1 July 21 Attempt Now
47Compaction of Soil & Stress distribution in soils2 July 21 Attempt Now 
48Principle of Effective Stress & Darcy's Law and 1D-Permeability3 July 21 Attempt Now 
49Consolidation and Compressibility4 July 21 Attempt Now 
50Shear Strength of Soil5 July 21 Attempt Now 
51Earth Pressure Theories6 July 21 Attempt Now 
52Shallow Foundations7 July 21 Attempt Now 
53Deep Foundations8 July 21 Attempt Now 
Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures
Equilibrium of Forces & Law of motion and friction9 July 21 Attempt Now
155Impulse and Momentum10 July 21 Attempt Now 
56Kinematics and Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies11 July 21 Attempt Now 
57Rivets, Bolts and Welds12 July 21 Attempt Now 
58Tension Members13 July 21 Attempt Now 
59Compression Members14 July 21 Attempt Now 
60Beams & Plate Girder15 July 21 Attempt Now 

Please note that the Quiz and the study note will be active on the respective Date mention in the Schedule. If you have any queries and doubts please ask in the comment section, I will be happy to resolve your query.



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