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Question 1

A concentrated load of 50 tons acts vertically at a point on the soil surface. If Boussinesq’s equation is applied for computation of stress, then the ratio of vertical stresses at depths of 2 m and 5 m respectively vertically below the point of application of load will be

Question 2

The bulking of Sand occurs due to:

Question 3

The stress distribution at a depth beneath a loaded area is determined using Newmark’s influence chart which indicates an influence value of 0.005. The number of segments covered by the loaded area in the chart is 20 and the intensity of loading on the area is 10 T/m2. The intensity of stress distribution at that depth is:

Question 4

In a typical compaction curve as indicated in the diagram, points ‘A’ and ‘B’ have dry densities. Choose the most appropriate statement from the following:

Question 5

Which of the following is not correct?

Question 6

In order to determine the relative density of a sand sample, its in-situ dry density was found to be 1.6 gm/cc. Soil sample were then compacted in a proctor’s mould of 1/30 cubic ft. capacity, at loosest and the densest state. The following data were obtained:

Wt. of empty mould = 2100 gm

Wt. of mould + soil in the densest state = 3969 gm

Wt. of mould + soil in the loosest state = 3450 gm

Moisture content = 10%

Then relative density is

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