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Question 1

If total 5 day BOD of sewage of a city is 24000 kg/day and the average 5 day BOD is 300 mg/l, then the population equivalent of the city is (Assume the domestic sewage quantity to be 0.08 kg/person/day)

Question 2

If for diluting 25 ml of water sample in 200 ml of taste free water is required to be added to make the water sample to just loose its taste, then the flavor threshold number (FTN) will be

Question 3

Arrange ThOD, COD, BODu and TOC in decreasing order of their demands

Question 4

A 4% solution of sewage sample is kept at an incubation temperature of 20. If the initial DO and final DO values after 5 days incubation period are 7.5 mg/l and 4.2 mg/l respectively, then BOD will be

Question 5

For a period of incubation 12 days at 20oC . The percentage of relative stability will be.

Question 6

During the relative stability test, the decolourization of methylene blue sample is done. What does the fast decolourization of methylene blue indicates?
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