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Question 1

On peak hourly demand, what is the maximum daily consumption for the city which have average daily consumption of 100,000 m3 ?

Question 2

For which of the following, distribution mains is designed?

Question 3

In a city with a population of 70000, water is drawn for domestic purpose from a bell mouth intake in a canal which runs only for 8.4 hours a day with flow depth of 1.5 m. If the average consumption per person is 120 lpd, then the intake load is:

Question 4

What is the daily variation factor for supply water to a small town?

Question 5

Aquicludes are

Question 6

If a town has an arithmetic mean of population increases in the known decades is 2000 and the present population is 20,000 then the population of the town after 20 years is
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