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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 18

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Question 1

A beam is structural member predominantly subjected to

Question 2

At any point of a beam, the section modulus may be obtained by dividing the moment of inertia of the section by _____.

Question 3

Pick up the correct statement from the following.

Question 4

A rectangular beam of uniform strength and subjected to a bending moment ‘M’ has a constant width. The variation in depth will be proportional to

Question 5

A cantilever beam having length ‘L’ is subjected to a moment ‘M’ at its free end. If flexural rigidity of beam is EI. the deflection at free end will be:

Question 6

A simply supported beam with rectangular cross-section is subjected to a central concentrated load, width and depth of beam is doubled, the deflection at the centre of the beam will be reduced to:
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