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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 26

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Question 1

The horizontal thrust at support A in a three hinged arch shown below is

Question 2

A three hinged parabolic arch PQR has a span of 20m and central rise of 5m. The arch has hinges at ends and centre. A train of two point loads of 15 kN and 25 kN, 5m apart, crosses this arch from left to right with 25 kN load leading. The maximum thrust induced at the support is

Question 3

Pick up the correct option.

Question 4

The tensile force acting on the cable is in which direction w.r.t the cable?

Question 5

A three hinged semicircular arch is subjected to loads on rigidly connected brackets at D and E (as shown below). Find the normal thrust and radial shear at point F.

Question 6

In force analysis, weight of cable is generally?
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