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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 45

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Question 1

The expression for the total volume of earthwork for an embankment using Simpson’s one third rule, if and are the areas at n sections at an interval of h is _________.

Question 2

The method of computing areas by subdividing a plot into triangles is suitable for

Question 3

Which one of the following statements are true?

i. Terrestrial photography gives mostly oblique photographs

ii. Aerial photography always gives perfectly vertical photographs

Question 4

In an aerial photogrammetric survey, if the exposure interval is 25 seconds to cover the ground distance of 1000 m between exposures, then the ground speed of aircraft is _________ km/hr.

Question 5

The areas within the contour lines at the site of reservoir are as follow:

Take 201 as bottom level of reservoir and 205 as top level, the difference in capacity of reservoir calculated according to trapezoidal and prismoidal method is ________ m3.

Question 6

From a map, the areas enclosed by contour lines for a proposed dam are given below:

The volume of impounded water, using trapezoidal formula (in ha m) is _______
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