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Question 1

As per IS specifications, the nominal concrete cover for slab subjected to moderate exposure should not be less than_____. 

Question 2

The pitch of the main bars in a simply supported slab should not exceed its effective depth by _____.

Question 3

In a beam M20 Grade of concrete and fe415 HYSD deformed bars has development length 720 mm, if 16 mm diameter bars are used as main reinforcement then the length of lap of reinforcement bars in tension is

Question 4

What will be the design bending moment for limit state of collapse for a reinforced concrete beam, if it is subjected to following bending moments?

Dead load = 30 kN-m, Live load = 40 kN-m, Seismic Load = 10 kN-m.

Question 5

A cantilever beam having clear span of 3.5 m is having effective depth of 450 mm. Support width of the beam is 500 mm. Find the effective length of the beam.

Question 6

According to IS : 456-200, side-face reinforcement should be provided when depth of web of a beam exceeds
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