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Question 1

In uniformly distributed load over the length of a cantilever beam, the ratio of shear force and bending moment at its fixed end will be(consider unit length)

Question 2

Statement (I): The slope of bending moment curve at a point is equal to magnitude of shear force at the same point in a beam.

Statement (II): The change in S.F. between two cross-sections of beam due to distributed loading is equal to area of load intensity diagram between the two section.

Question 3

The bending moment is maximum on a section of a beam where shearing force

Question 4

The shear force on a simply supported beam is proportional to

Question 5

Bending moment distribution in a built beam is shown in the figure below. The shear force distribution in the beam is represented by :

Question 6

A simply supported beam which carries a uniformly distributed load has two equal overhangs. To have maximum B.M. produced in the beam least possible, the ratio of the length of the overhang to the total length of the beam is ________.
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