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Question 1

Which one of the following methods of application of water may be suitable for rolling land?

Question 2

The first watering given to a crop, when the crop is a few centimeters high, is called

Question 3

The ratio between the area of crop irrigated and quantity of water required during its entire period of the growth, is known as:

Question 4

Find the delta of a crop (in cm) having duty 570 hectare/cumec and base period of 95 days.

Question 5

The irrigation water gas following characteristics: Concentration of Na, Ca, Mg are 25, 6, 2 m-eq/lit respectively. The SAR value is

Question 6

Field capacity and optimum moisture content of a soil of density 1.3 g/cc are 28% is 16% respectively. If effective depth of root zone is 70 cm, water available for e evapotranspiration is
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