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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 25

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Question 1

All members of the frame shown below have the same flexural rigidity EI and length 2.2 m. If a moment of 20 kN.m is applied at joint B, the rotation of the joint B is

Question 2

What is the final end moment in the following structure?

Question 3

Determine the distribution factor for the member CB shown in the figure. Joint B is rigid and there is an internal hinge at C. Supports A and D are fixed.

Question 4

The distribution factors for AE and AC of the box section are:

Question 5

A horizontal fixed beam AB of span 6 m has uniform flexural rigidity of 4200 KNm2. During loading, the support B sinks downwards by 25 mm. The moment induced at the end A is:

Question 6

Ratio of magnitudes of moments in member BC at ends B and C will be? Take  as constant.

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