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Question 1

A tension member in which a reversal of direct stress occurs due to loads other than wind or seismic forces, the slenderness ratio of the member should not exceed

Question 2

In a tension member if one or more than one rivet holes are off the line, the failure of the member depends upon

Question 3

A structural member subjected to tensile force in a direction parallel to its longitudinal axis, is generally known as

Question 4

For a single angle section, the area of outstanding and connected legs are 450 mm2 and 300 mm2. What will be the net area of the section?

Question 5

If the thickness of the thinnest outside plate is 20 mm, then the maximum pitch of rivets in tension will be taken as

Question 6

A steel rod of 16 mm diameter has been used as tie in a bracing system, but may be subject to possible reversal of stress due to the wind. What is the maximum permitted length of the member?
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