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Question 1

A foundation is said to be a shallow foundation if

Question 2

A foundation should be designed such that

(i) The soil below it does not fail in shear

(ii) The settlement of the foundation is in permissible limits.

Question 3

Which of the following factors affect the bearing capacity of soil.

(i) Shear strength of soil

(ii) Shape and size of footing

(iii) Load from the structure

(iv) Depth of the footing

Question 4

Calculate the ultimate bearing capacity of a footing on a cohesive soil (c = 25 kN/m2, ϕ = 0, γ = 18.5 kN/m3) if the depth of footing is 1.5m.

Question 5

The value of bearing capacity factors used in Terzaghi’s equation depends upon

Question 6

Consider the following statements about general shear failure

(i) The failure is sudden and ultimate load is well defined

(ii) Observed in dense and stiff soil

(iii) Large settlement of footing takes place

(iv) failure surface reaches the ground level and sufficient heave is formed.

Which of the above statements are correct?

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