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Question 1

Air permeability method is used to determine

Question 2

Correct statement regarding Tobermorite gel

Question 3

If P is the percentage of water required for determination of normal consistency of cement, then percentage of water to be added for determination of initial setting time is

Question 4

Which of the following conditions are recommended for using sulphate resisting cement?

(1) Concrete to be used in foundation and basement, where soil is not infested with sulphates

(2) Concrete used for fabrication of pipes which are likely to be buried in marshy region or sulphate bearing soils

(3) Concrete to be used in the construction of sewage treatment works

Question 5

Consider the following statements.

1) Rounded aggregates require less amount of water and cement paste for a given workability.

2) Flaky aggregate reduce work ability appreciably because of high surface area to volume.

3) Crushed aggregates gives higher compression strength to concrete due to development of strong aggregate mortar bond.
The correct statements are

Question 6

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following
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