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Question 1

For a storm of rainfall 90 cm, total storm runoff was recorded as 35 cm, taking initial loss as 12 cm and duration of the rainfall excess as 2 hours, the value of w-index will be

Question 2

The portion of the precipitation which by a variety of paths above and below the surface of the earth reaches the stream channel is

Question 3

Infiltration capacity of soil depends upon

Question 4

A rainfall of 1.3 cm occurred in a 5 h storm. If Ø index is 0.3 cm/hr then the rainfall excess is

Question 5

A 6 hour storm with intensities of 5, 7, 12, 20, 16 and 2 mm/hr produced a runoff of 30 mm. Then f-index is

Question 6

The rainfall in four successive 12 hours period on a catchment are 50,70, 80 and 100. If the infiltration index for the storm is 6mm/hr , then the total surface runoff will be
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