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Question 1

The water level in a lake is 5 m above the bed. The saturated unit weight of the lake bed soil is 20 KN/m3. The unit weight of water is 10 KN/m3. The effective vertical stress at 5m depth below the lake bed is:

Question 2

Capillary water in soils

Question 3

The quantity of seepage of water in a soil medium is

Question 4

When applying Darcy’s law to soils, it is assumed that the

Question 5

The ground conditions at a site are:

Water table is at ground level.

Water content = 20%

Specific gravity = 2.6

Unit weight of water = 10 kN/m2

Then effective stress, at a point 4 m below ground level is

Question 6

In a Soil deposit of three layers of equal thickness, the permeabilities of first, second and third layers are in the ratio 1:2:3 . The ratio of average permeability in horizontal direction (Kh) to that in the vertical direction (Kv) will be:
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