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Question 1

The clay deposit of thickness 10 cm and void ratio 0.5 undergoes settlement and now it’s final void ratio is 0.2. The thickness (cm) of the settled layer is ____________.

Question 2

A normally consolidated clay layer settles by 25 mm when the effective stress is increased from 15 kPa to 30 kPa. If the effective stress is later increased further from 30 kPa to 60 kPa, then the additional settlement would be:

Question 3

Given that for an over-consolidated clay soil deposit, the pressure under which the deposit has been fully consolidated in the past is 125 KN/m2 and the present overburden pressure is 75 KN/m2. The over consolidation ratio of the soil deposit is:

Question 4

Clay specimens of soil A and B are tested for finding consolidation properties. For a certain pressure range, the ratio of coefficient of volume compressibility mva : mVB and ratio of coefficient of consolidation CVA:CVB are respectively 2:1 and 16:9. The ratio of coefficient of permeability KA:KB of the soil will be:

Question 5

Which one of the following shows time factor (approximate), for 50% degree of consolidation?

Question 6

For routine consolidation test in laboratory, the thickness of the specimen is
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