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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 15

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Question 1

The maximum stress generated in the rope of diameter 25 mm passing over a pulley of diameter 400 mm. The modulus of elasticity of rope is 1.5 ×104 Mpa.

Question 2

Flexural strength of beam depends upon

(i) Material properties of the beam

(ii) Cross sectional area of beam

(iii) Shape of the cross section

(iv) Moment acting on the beam

Question 3

The moment of resistance of the beam having maximum permissible stress equal to 250 MPa and section modulus is 1040 cm3 is

Question 4

The moment of resistance of a beam having width B and depth D is M. The moment of resistance if the width of the beam is reduced to half and depth of the beam is doubled will be

Question 5

The most favorable properties of bituminous materials to be used in the construction of highways are:

Question 6

The composition of bituminous concrete is
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