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Question 1

Which one of the statement is INCORRECT in design of hourly traffic volume?

Question 2

What will be the time headway (in seconds) for a vehicle travelling at a speed of 45 kmph, if the vehicle length is 5.5 m, the reaction time is 0.7 seconds, and the coefficient of longitudinal friction is 0.36?

Question 3

Which of the following are the objectives of traffic engineering?
  1. Rapid flow of traffic
  2. Safety of traffic
  3. Economy in transportation
  4. High quality of riding surface

Question 4

While traveling along and against the traffic stream, a moving observer measured the relative flows as 50 vehicles/hr and 200 vehicles/hr, respectively. The average speeds of the moving observer while traveling along and against the stream are 20 km/hr and 30 km/hr, respectively. The density of the traffic stream (expressed in vehicles/km) is _______

Question 5

If the standard deviation of the spot speed of vehicles in a highway is 8.8 kmph and the mean speed of the vehicles is 33kmph, the coefficient of variation in speed is

Question 6

In speed and delay study, if the average journey time on a stretch of road length of 3.5 km is 7.55 minutes and the average stopped delay is 1.8 minutes, the average running speed will be:
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