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Question 1

The shear associated with change of bending moment along the span is known as:

Question 2

When a rectangular section beam is loaded transversely along the length, maximum shear stress develops on

Question 3

Mohr’s circle method can be used to calculate

i. Maximum normal stresses

ii. Minimum shear stresses

iii. Principal strains

iv. Plane of zero shear strain

Question 4

The major and minor principal strains in a 2D stressed element are 70μ and -25μ respectively. If the normal strain at a plane is given as 15μ, then what will be the normal strain on a plane perpendicular to it?

Question 5

At a point in a two dimensional stress system, the normal stress on two mutually perpendicular planes are σxx and σyy and shear stress is τxy. One of the principal stress will become zero when the value of shear stress τxy is

Question 6

Consider the following statements:
1) The maximum shear stress is one half of the normal stress in the case of uniaxial stress field.
2) In a biaxial stress field, acted upon by normal stresses unaccompanied by shear stresses, the maximum shear stress is anyone of the normal stresses.
3) The Mohr’s stress circle will be tangential to the vertical axis in the case of uniaxial stress field.
Which of the above statements are correct?
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