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Question 1

The reduction coefficient of a reinforced concrete column with an effective length of 4.8 m and size 200 mm x 300 mm is

Question 2

A RC column 4 m long and 400 mm in dia is reinforced by 8 bar of the 20 mm dia, find the safe load, the column can carry Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1\Practice-Set-4_files\image013.pngDescription: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1\Practice-Set-4_files\image014.png

Question 3

Lateral ties in RCC columns are provided to resist

Question 4

When R.C.C. footing is not to extend in the plot of the neighbouring house, the type of footing preferred is?

Question 5

If p is the net upward pressure on a square footing of side b for a square column of side a, the maximum bending moment is given by





Question 6

If the length of a combined footing for two columns l meters apart is L and the projection on the left side of the exterior column is x, then the projection y on the right side of the exterior column, in order to have a uniformly distributed load is (Where x is the distance of center of gravity of column loads)

(A) y = L – (l – x)

(B) y = L/2 + (l – x)

(C) y = L/2 – (l + x)

(D) y = L/2 – (l – x)

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