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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 54

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Question 1

A person who weighs 600 N steps onto a scale that is on the floor of an elevator. If the elevator accelerates downwards at a rate of 6 m/s2, the scale will read ( take g=10 m/s2)

Question 2

Weight of 50kg is held on a smooth plane, inclined at 30 to the horizontal by a force P acting 30 above the plane as shown in the figure below. The normal reaction of the plane on the weight will be:

Question 3

An object having 10 kg mass weights 9.81 kg on a spring balance. The value of ‘g’ at this place is _______?

Question 4

A block slips on a rough horizontal floor, moves with a deceleration of 3 m/s2. The kinetic friction between block and floor is close to

Question 5

When a body slides down an inclined surface, the acceleration (f) of the body is given by:-

Question 6

Two buses of unequal masses use similar tyres. If they are moving at same initial speed, the minimum stopping distance (Consider braking force applied to be the same for both the buses )
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