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Question 1

A flood hydrograph of river draining a catchment of 100 km2 due to a 6 hour isolated storm is in the form of a triangle with a base of 66 hour and a peak ordinate of 30 m3/s occurring at 10 hours from the start. Assuming zero base flow, find effective rainfall

Question 2

In a triangular channel, the top with and depth of flow were 4 m and 1.9m respectively. Velocity measurement on the centre line at 38 cm and 152 cm below the free water surface indicated velocities of 0.8 m/s and 0.4 m/s respectively. The discharge in the channel is

Question 3

The unit hydrograph of a specified duration can be used to evaluate the hydrograph of storms of

Question 4

A direct Runoff Hydrograph due to a storm idealized into a triangular shape has a peak flow rate of 100m3/s, occurring at 10hrs from its start. If the base width of this hydrograph is 37.5 hours, and catchment area is 675 km2, then the runoff from storm is

Question 5

If two 4-hour unit hydrographs are staggered by 4 hours and added graphically, the resulting hydrograph will be

Question 6

An isochrone is a line on the basin map:-
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